Merona Black Dress

Halloween was over by the time I wore this outfit, but that didn’t stop me. I might whittle my entire wardrobe down to solely witchy outfits. #365WitchVibes

A pale person with faded blue shoulder-length hair wearing a long sleeve black dress, orange and black striped tights, a golden pendant on a long chain, and black booties with silver studs.

Outfit specifics:

Long (convertible) sleeve, button-up, black Merona dress as seen in the Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing post.

Orange and black striped tights that I’ve owned for 20+ years.

Black moto biker boots with silver studs from Forever 21 that I purchased years and years ago when my sibling worked there.


A circle rhinestone pendant on a long chain necklace with small silver hoop earrings.


Down and parted to the side



Attention V Neck

The top in this outfit was previously seen in the Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing post. The nails are the trimmed down version of the stiletto nails previously posted as well. #RecycledFashion

A pale person with hair pulled back in a tight ballerina bun. They are wearing a black v-neck sweater, geometric print skirt, over the knee thick socks, and slouchy black boots.

Outfit specifics:

Black Attention V-neck Sweater thrifted in my latest Thrift Store haul.

Geometric patterned skirt that I wore when I dressed as Nancy Downs from The Craft. I believe I acquired this from a clothing swap. #ThanksItHasPockets

Over-the-knee knit socks that were a gift from my mother along with many other pairs in different colors. #SockSaleLife

Sofft Valencia Flat Black Leather Slouchy & Studded Moto Boot that my ex bought for me on a trip to Nordstrom Rack where he bought me three pairs of shoes which was uncharacteristic and lends to my theory that he was already planning to break up with me at that point. #GuiltIsAHelluvaDrug #IDontCareTheReasonFeelFreeToBuyMeShoes


Three simple silver hoop earrings in each ear that I’ve had since high school.

Wish bracelets that I made myself and wore for months and months, but ultimately took off prior to them falling off organically.

A black stone circle pendant necklace with silver beads on thick braided leather circlet with silver end caps that I acquired secondhand.


Pulled back tightly into a ballerina style bun.



Bucket Hat & Heart-shaped Leopard Print Sunglasses

Still going through old pictures from outfits of the day from November 2021. I’ve had these jeans for over a decade, and this sweater is also an old favorite.

A pale person with shoulder length faded blue hair wearing a gray bucket hat, white NIN tee, grey button up cardigan, jeans with a hole in one knee, and grey Toms.

Outfit specifics:

Gray Cotton Bucket Hat that I don’t remember where I obtained it.

Heart-shaped Leopard Print Sunglasses I usually only pay around $5-$10 on sunglasses, so I don’t get upset if I lose them or scratch them.

Allen B. by Allen Swartz Gray cardigan with white stripes detailing that I think my mom bought for me at JCPenney many, many years ago.

Nine Inch Nails Inside Out Logo Tee

Nine West Jeans with rip in knee that I created just through wear & tear.

Secondhand Gray Toms Alpargata Shoes purchased many years ago for $10 on Facebook Marketplace.

Robert Pattinson Tracksuit Vibes

I wore this outfit to go for a walk near the Mississippi River with my sibling and my cousin. It was a 60-70 degree day in November of 2021 that dropped a lot of degrees when the sun went down, and I walked 7501 steps per my cell. My sibling told me this outfit reminded them of that photo of Robert Pattinson in a tracksuit. I had never seen it before (and it was probably supposed to be intended as an insult), but Robert Pattinson is objectively beautiful and tracksuits are comfy af so… 🤷🏼

Outfit specifics:

Vintage 90s Everlast Velour Zip Tracksuit with Satin Lining that I scored on ebay.

(not pictured) Hug Life Tee was a Xmas gift from a coworker/friend.

Unbranded Imitation Ugg Boots I inherited secondhand from a friend.

Unbranded Fleece-lined Hat was a Xmas gift from family.

Stiletto Nails

I originally purchased these stiletto nails for my October 2021 project. I was going to use them for a couple of characters.

A pale hand outstretched with palm down on top of buffalo plaid leggings. On the nails are white acrylic stiletto nails.
The white stiletto nails without polish on them.

However, by the time those characters rolled around, I ultimately did not use these nails at all for my Halloween Movie Outfits Project.

A pale hand outstretched palm down on buffalo plaid leggings where the stiletto nails on the tips have been painted in a color changing polish that moves from purple to greenish silver.
The stiletto nails painted in a color changing polish that moves from purple to greenish silver.

Once I recouped my energy from creating a different character’s outfit, photoshoot, and blog post every day in October, I still wanted to try out these nails.

A pale hand with fingers closed and folded towards the wrist. On the nails are stiletto acrylics painted in a color changing polish where the metallic purple color is showing.
The color changing polish looks metallic purple in this shot.

Some years back, I sold my entire nail collection (to a mom who bought it for her daughter & her friends to use at sleepovers 💕), and I have slowly but surely rebuilt my collection with solely Zoya polishes.

A pale person with long light blue hair holding their pale hand in front of their face with their fingers outstretched and palm towards their face. On the tips of the hand are stiletto acrylic nails painted in a color changing polish that shows as metallic purple in this photo.
I hadn’t yet cleaned up the polish around my nails, but here is another shot of my outstretched hand and the color changing polish on my stiletto nails shows as metallic purple.

I do not have any affiliation with Zoya, but their brand was both within my budget and Big 10 Free. The color I chose to put on my stiletto nails is called Ki, and is described as “a complex multichromatic oil-slick shade combining silver, purple, blue and green in a shimmery metallic finish.”

A pale person with long light blue hair wearing a grey sweatshirt that says FEMNIST on it, leopard legging, and black and gray fuzzy socks. They are holding their hands outstretched in front of them with palms facing their belly to show off their stilleto nails painted in Ki from Zoya.
Just a full body shot to showcase how long these stiletto nails are.

While it was fun to have stiletto nails on, the transition from my fairly short, broken off nails (due to manual labor) to these long stiletto nails took some adjustment. Ultimately, I ended up cutting off the tips and filing them down to be more functional.

A pale hand closed with the fingers pointed towards the wrist. The previously stiletto acrylic nails have been cut and filed down to square tips, but they still have on the Ki color from Zoya.
The square tips aren’t as cute, but when I had these on I needed more function rather than style. This image is of my hand after I cut and filed the nails down to square tips in the same Ki color from Zoya. Here it looks more silver than purple.

In the future, I plan to wear the stiletto nails again at full length, but knowing I have the option to cut and file them to change the shape is helpful too!

A pale hand outstretched with the palm down. The nails on the tips were previously stiletto shaped but have been cut and filed to be square edged. The polish on them is called Ki from the brand Zoya. It is a color changing metallic that shifts from purple to green to silver.
This is a different angle of the square tipped nails in Ki polish that shows the length a bit better.

It was difficult to truly capture the beauty of this Ki colored polish from Zoya, so I have included a video below.

This video tries to showcase how the polish color changes in the light.

Currently, Zoya is doing a Nail Polish Exchange for Earth Month.

*Again, I have no affiliation with Zoya. This is not an ad. I just really love their polishes, and I want to share with other people as well.*

Here are the details from Zoya.

Do you have old, dusty (not so environmentally friendly) unwanted, bottles of nail polish? Trade them in for brand new Zoya colors, the world’s first toxic-free, longest wearing natural nail polish and let us properly dispose and recycle your old stuff! We’ll even give you a $5 credit for every bottle you purchase of a new Zoya Nail Polish (0.5oz Polish) towards. And (wait for it) Shipping is on us in the continental USA. See for all details. Tell a Friend!

All Zoya Polishes adhere to our Big 10-Free Philosophy and produced, filled and distributed daily from our facility in Bedford, Ohio. Vegan friendly, cruelty free and environmentally sound. Made using plant based materials. Did you know our facility is built on reclaimed and environmentally restored land?


The Zoya Team

Did You Know ZOYA is a company of firsts?

▪️The first BIG 3, BIG 5 and Big 10 Free Formulas Free of harmful toxins
▪️ Utilizing Bio-Degradable Corn Starch Packaging Materials
▪️ Repurposes all packaging
▪️ Printed material made on repurposed paper using the most environmentally friendly ink
▪️ The Entire facility is built on environmentally reclaimed land
▪️ Our Facility is lit 20% from natural light with an aim of being 20% solar powered by 2025
▪️ Zoya created the Annual Earth Month recycling exchange

A bottle of Zoya nail polish covered in green with recycling doodles imposed over it. Text reads Zoya Earth Month Nail Polish Exchange Use Code GREEN22
Offer Ends Saturday 4/30/2022 11:59 ET
Please view full details and instructions.
Zoya Earth Month Nail Polish Exchange Use Code GREEN22
Offer Ends Saturday 4/30/2022 11:59 ET
Please view full details and instructions.

Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing

This is the third post in a series. The first can be found here. The second here.

I have a note pad app on my cell where I have a list of things I would like to find secondhand while out thrifting. Some of the short-term items on the list I found (i.e. meat cleaver) and others are just perpetually on my list forever (i.e. fleece-lined jeans in my size). I did keep an eye out for turtlenecks this round, but none of the ones I saw in my size were something I could wear for character outfits AND would wear in real life.

At the store that I went to, the miscellaneous items are on the first floor, and shoes & clothing on are on the second floor. After I went through the miscellaneous items below and the shoes on the second floor, I then started looking at the clothes. I don’t look stuff up while I’m at the store. All the information and links I looked up once I was home and writing these posts.

First up, I gravitated towards this tiana b. black flowy tunic dress with floral embroidery and 3/4 length bell sleeves. From my searches on the internet, the t i a n a b brand appears to have been sold at both Dillard’s and Macy’s. I could not find anything like this to link to or compare pricing. I paid $6.99.

I had very specific dresses in mind to look for, but I couldn’t pass up this APT. 9 Super Soft Mocha Sweater Dress. Originally retailed for $50 at Kohl’s. I paid $6.99. Bonus: It has pockets!

After I saw the mocha dress, I found this dress close by. It is a long (convertible) sleeve, button up, black Merona dress. Originally, it came with a belt, but there was not one for this dress. Uncertain what the original list price was, but almost certainly it came from Target. I paid $6.99. Bonus: It has pockets, and the tag says it was made from recycled plastic.

When I moved to the pants section, I was seeking either very distressed/destroyed jeans or pants with a high waist. The higher, the better. Some part of me was drawn to these bright blue Express skinny jeans. Skinny jeans on their site are currently listed from $80-$98 with some on sale for $39. These bright blue Express skinny jeans are around $43 on Thred Up today. I paid $6.99.

This next pair of pants I liked because of the texture of the fabric. They are a camel colored microsuede with the brand 111 State on the tag and a side zipper closure. Unsure where they were originally sold or for how much. This brand appears to be labelled as Vintage in a number of reseller posts, but the prices vary wildly. Also, none of the ones I could find look similar to these. I paid $4.99.

I was just about to give up on pants, and in my head I thought, I just want some high rise pants; won’t they have any? The very next pair I touched were these Super-High Waist Barely Bootcut 7th Avenue New York & Company black pants. I don’t usually believe in Fate, but it seemed the thrifting gods were smiling on me. The Medium size is not something I would usually buy without trying them on, but I held them up to my waist and they seemed like they would fit. These still have the original tags on them with the list price of $59.95. I paid $24.99 which is usually more than I would like to spend on a pair of pants. Fingers crossed that these work out!

This last pair of pants wasn’t found in the pants section. They are 100% Cotton, very lightweight, Raviya pants with elephants on them. A pair NWT are listed at $30 on Poshmark. I paid $4.99.

Ignore that stain. I’m pretty sure I put it on there while photographing this.

This next item was on the end of a row and stuck out to me. It is a Sophisticated Ruffled Cardigan by Laura Hlavac currently for sale for $109. I paid $5.99.

I reviewed my list one more time before I was going to check out and saw I had a black v neck sweater on there. I saw this attention brand one (after rejecting the turtlenecks present near it) and decided it was coming home with me to cross that one off the list. It has extra long ribbing on the sleeves which I appreciate. I paid $4.99.

I did buy one specific clothing item for my partner. This was untagged when I found it, and an employee did a price check to tag it while the cashier was ringing up the rest of my haul. This is a George Faux Sherpa Gray Hoodie currently selling for $19.96 at Walmart. I paid $5.99.

One of our cats claimed this hoodie right away.

Overall, I am very happy with everything I bought during this Thrift Store Excursion. While I spent more money than I would like to in a single trip, the quality and quantity of items I obtained were worth way more than the $210 I paid. Even though I don’t plan to visit another secondhand store any time soon, I am looking forward to my next trip.

In some upcoming posts on this site, I will highlight the items I purchased during this shopping spree as I build outfits around them and incorporate them into my wardrobe. I do not plan to post my outfit every single day (like I did during my October Halloween Outfit Project), but I hope you’ll stick along for the ride to see my sporadic updates until the next project hits.

Thrift Store Score #1: Shoes

This post is the second portion of one shopping trip. The first part can be found here.

Much to my spouse’s dismay, I purchased 5 pairs of shoes on my Thrift Store Shopping Excursion. I wear either a size 9 or size 8.5, depending on the brand & style. I tried all of these on at the store with a pair of tights on my feet.

I’m a little salty about the placement of this price tag, as the adhesive was so sticky, I ended up creating a tear trying to remove it.

Of all the flat ballet slippers I own already, I do not have any pointy-toed options. I gravitated towards these because of the leopard print. Only upon writing this post did I learn they are Marc Fisher Analia Leopard Print Pointed Toe Flats. Marc Fisher shoes appear to sell from anywhere from $30-$300 a pair on their website. This exact pair is currently listed for sale on other sites from anywhere between $25-$75. I paid $8.99.

I also picked up this pair of white TOMS and carried them around the store without knowing how much they cost. It was one of 3 items I had to ask for a price check for at the register. On the TOMS website, these White Alpargata Canvas Shoes are listed at $49.95, on sale for $34.99. I paid $3.99.

Also, because of the print, I was drawn to these Franco Sarto Reeve Leopard Print Booties. On the Franco Sarto website, solid colored booties like this are going from between $170-$200. This exact pair of booties is listed for sale on other sites anywhere from $30-$155, but that $30 posting is an anomaly. Snag it now if you’re looking for these and they’re your size. I paid $9.99.

I was super excited to see these Lace up Black Boots with a chunky heel as the only “witchy” boots I own currently are wedges and don’t really provide the same vibe. After checking at home, I realized these are Target brand. There is a similar (but not really) style currently sold there for $39.99. This exact pair of booties is listed for $30, on sale for $12 on Poshmark. I paid $6.99. Bonus: I used these shoes for both Magenta and Ginger in my October Halloween Outfit Project.

This pair of shoes I also carried around the entire store not knowing how much they were. I know that Keen brand shoes are out of my budget at their brand new prices. This pair of Brown Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots originally sold for $195. You can currently find them for sale on other sites between $40-$100. I paid $19.99. Bonus: I wore these for my Erin Hardesty from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre photoshoot.

Marc Fisher Analia Leopard Print Pointed Toe Flats=$8.99
White Alpargata Canvas Shoes=$3.99
Franco Sarto Reeve Leopard Print Booties=$9.99
Target Lace up Black Boots=$6.99
Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots=$19.99

Total Shoes=$49.95

I am super excited for all of the shoes I purchased. I have no buyer’s remorse at all. Also, I have already worn 2 of the 5 pairs. I’m looking forward to incorporating all of them into my wardrobe in the future.

Stay tuned for the clothes I scored on this Thrift Store Shopping Trip.

Thrift Store Score #1: Miscellaneous Items

Going to a secondhand store to search for treasures is one of my very favorite things to do. When the Covid-19 pandemic started and lockdown began, thrifting became a luxury as opposed to a necessity, and I wondered when I would ever feel comfortable enough to go again. On my list of things to do in the future, I put down Thrift Store Shopping. Once I got vaccinated, it still sat on my list uncrossed off 5 months later.

It probably would’ve kept sitting there as an undone item, had I not created my October Halloween Outfit Project. In my spreadsheet of character ideas, there were certain things that I had listed that I didn’t own or didn’t have a sufficient substitution. For example, I really wanted to dress as Erin Hardesty from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the prop/weapon that makes the most sense for her character is a meat cleaver. We haven’t really eaten meat in our house for almost two years, and the only one we owned was a tiny one that came with a cheese tray. I did think it would be kind of funny to do a photo shoot with a tiny cleaver, but I thought it would be better if I could find a cheap full-sized meat cleaver. This meat cleaver search was the thing that got me to finally go out to a secondhand store. So silly in the scheme of things.

That tiny cleaver is so hilarious.

Once I had made the decision to go to the store, I don’t know if anything would have stopped me. In my head, it felt like my last chance in 2021, both financially and logistically. With the headspace of not having gone thrift store shopping in at least two years and thinking that this trip is definitely my last chance this year, with the next trip to be determined, you’ll probably understand more when I tell you that I spent 2 hours and $210 on this trip.

The place I went to is a large, two-story store, and even though there was no mask mandate for the customers, the employees were all in masks, and everyone had enough space to distance from each other inside the store. (It was the only one I had envisioned myself going to specifically because of the size. Especially since a lot of secondhand stores are notorious for being crammed spaces, jammed full of items.) The business doesn’t warrant free advertising, so even though you might be able to read it on the price tags, I’m probably not going to type it out. (Just another example of “There’s no ethical consumption under capitalism” when income and money dictate spending patterns more than your moral alignment.)

Due to our grocery deliveries, our household has a tendency to stack up paper bags. While I wish there was a way to avoid this with our deliveries, I don’t know of any options right now. I have previously posted them for free on some “Giving Community” sites and apps and gotten many rounds of bags connected with new homes to be used again. I had one paper bag filled with folded up paper bags in my porch, and I grabbed it for this shopping trip. When I got to the cashier, I told them that I had brought bags, and any that weren’t use they could keep. I couldn’t tell if they liked it or I was a pain-in-the-ass, but they took them all without comment. I ended up returning home with four bags.

A little dusty, but I’m going to wash them right away anyway.

In this post, I’m only going to discuss the non-clothing and non-shoe items. For starters, I got a colorful Pyrex 9×13 baking dish with a matching lid for $6.99. It was one of the first things I put into my cart because we live a meal prep lifestyle, and this is an item we can always use. I also know that the last one I bought cost me around $20. There was a pair of whisker relief dishes that I did not hesitate to grab as well. These particular ones are oval shaped with the design helping the cat whiskers not be stressed out by eating out of narrow bowls. Each bowl cost me $1.99, and they are definitely worth that for my cats’ comfort.

Sometimes shopping secondhand around Halloween is a bad idea because items you could usually get for less get jacked up in price to be sold for specialty costumes. One upside to hitting up a thrift store in October is that they have an entire section of costumes, props, and seasonal holiday items. While I looked at a lot of items that I didn’t purchase, I did let myself buy some frivolous prop items (that I didn’t require for my current project) because of their low price.

Black & White Masquerade Ball Hat $4.99
Heart HerbalLife Wristlet $4.99
Triceratops Headband $1.99
Dinosaur Tail $1.99
Silver Costume Gloves $2.99
Gold Tiara $1.99

I also specifically bought 3 items directly because of my project. I grabbed a Marshmallow Shooter for $3.99 to stand in for a gun for my Little Rock from Zombieland Double Tap photo shoot. I found a prop meat cleaver for $1.99. They actually had two versions. This bloody one or a glow-in-the-dark version. This one was the more realistic looking one of the two, and when I sent pics to my partner, this was the one they preferred as well. The fake flowers in the middle were $4.99, but now if I ever do Carrie, or another prom queen again, I have a batch of flowers to hold. This bouquet has already found its forever home in my vase filled with peacock feathers. It feels nice to have some flowers around that I’m not allergic to, and I don’t have to worry about my cats trying to eat them.

If you couldn’t already guess by my October Halloween Outfit Project consisting of only movie characters, I watch a lot of movies. On average, I watch one per day with my partner. Thankfully, we have very similar tastes in what we like to watch. Because a lot of the movies we like are more obscure, often they are not available for streaming on any platform for free. We have a fairly large bookshelf filled with our physical collection of dvds & blu-rays. Whenever I am at a secondhand store, I check out the selection to see what we don’t yet own but is something that we would watch over again.

One year I did a project where I went through our collection and made a spreadsheet broken down by genre and type (dvd, digital, blu-ray, etc.). This turned out to be ultimately worth my time & energy when I was able to send some pictures of the options at the store to my partner and have them check our spreadsheet to see if we already owned them. I think I put almost 10 back on the shelf that without the spreadsheet I would have bought as a duplicate accidentally.

Just a section of our Media spreadsheet.

I bought 16 movies and one season of a series for $1.99 each or a total of $33.83. (I think we used to spend more than that going to one movie in the theater for two of us with a tub of popcorn and a drink.) 3 or 4 of these I haven’t seen yet, and I’m looking forward to watching them all over the winter. I’m extra stoked about that copy of Stir of Echoes as I was recently looking to acquire a copy for our collection, and it seems to be a rare enough item that I was struggling to find it in stock and in my budget. #Score

Items that are not clothing, shoes, or dvds=$40.88
Non-clothing & non-shoes items total=$74.71

Those $1.99 price tags add up quickly! Watch yourself.

Stay tuned for the clothes and shoes I scored on this Thrift Store Shopping trip.

Halloween Movie Outfits Recap: Green Screen Edition

I was just going to find one Halloween costume to wear with pieces I already owned, but it turned into one outfit for every day of October 2021. Initially, I was just going to do this for fun, for myself, but my friend suggested I use my blogging skills to put my results on the internet. This post is going to be a brief overview of how I created these photos.

In my bedroom, I had set up a green screen and a ring light. I had used this previously for my Rainbow/Multicolor photo shoot for the #ColorWeek2021 Instagram event. I learned the hard way that you want your green screen to be as flat and tight as possible. The more wrinkles that are in it, the more spots you have to edit. After steaming my green screen, I also used clamps to pull the sides tighter. I had to lift the bottom off the floor and pin it up at night, every night, otherwise, one of my cats kept running full speed into it to use it like a slip ‘n’ slide. Between the moving it up and down, steaming, and clamps, I still was never able to get it as smooth as I wanted.

“I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.”

On top of the ring light, I also added two photography lights (that I had already from my light box photography stuff) to try to cut down on the shadows. Shadows also have to be edited out when removing a green screen and adding a different background. The ring light has a holder for a cell phone, and at the beginning, I had my 10 second timer set to run back and forth between hitting the camera button on the ring light stand and getting into a pose on the green screen. That was a total pain, and when I was holding legit weapons, I asked my partner to take photos of me instead.

You can see my brother’s red remote in my hand near the JUMBO pumpkin.

My brother found out that’s what my process was and let me borrow his bluetooth remote shutter for his cell. (I ended up buying my own.) The only problem with this was that if I was in a pose where I had to hold something or use both my hands, it was sometimes not possible to hit the shutter button on the remote without the remote ending up in the image. In these instances, I still had to ask my partner for assistance.

My partner coming in with the assist. #MVP

Once I had the photographs taken, I would move them from my cell phone to my computer. On my computer, I have a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) that is basically a free version of Adobe Photoshop. I first taught myself how to use layers and Fuzzy Select via this tutorial. Then, I learned about the Select by Color tool, but because my hair is teal/blue that didn’t always work well. I often had to use the manual Free Select tool to remove sections the other Select tools didn’t capture to remove.

The edges around this image of me as Annie Wilkes show a sloppy attempt to remove the green screen and replace it with a brown background. You can see the green very clearly near my blue hair too.

Changing the background to a solid color for the comparisons was done with the Bucket Fill tool. The hardest part of editing the backgrounds was finding background images of the specific scenes I wanted to use that were a large enough size. I had to learn how to use the Scale tool to move the images of myself into the right spot in the frame, but often I gave up on trying to make them the appropriate size when it was “close enough”. Sometimes, having to do a photo shoot, photo edits, write a blog post, and get it polished enough to publish all in one day was too much work to get all nitpicky in the weeds about small details like green screen haloing. Plus, it gives it a punk diy vibe that I kinda like.

All of the comparison collages were made with an app on my cell phone called Collage Maker. I was limited a little with the backgrounds and available fonts in the free options, but I had still enough variety to use different (yet relevant) ones throughout the entire month. I love this app and have used it for years.

An image of me dressed as Nancy Downs from the Craft edited in GIMP to show me on the beach from the movie.

For only starting to learn how to manually edit photos around a month ago, I think it is going fairly well! I’ve taught myself a bunch of things just through trial and error. Anytime I get stuck, there’s always a tutorial somewhere out on the internet to help. If you have any questions on the process of using a green screen and editing a background, please let me know, and I will do what I can to help. If you’ve got tips, I’d love to learn more too! 🙂

Halloween Movie Outfits Recap: Hair Edition

For my hair, I used my standard hair which is teal/blue, very straight, and about shoulder length. I also used 5 wigs to create all the characters. Here is my ranking order for the wigs:

#1 (Top Left) Shoulder Length Auburn Wig with Bangs purchased for $15.99

This was described as Honey Brown, but it is definitely more red than that. I’m not mad at the color it is, but it definitely gave a different vibe to the characters I used it for than what I anticipated.

Characters created with this hair:
Sidney Prescott from Scream
Rose Armitage from Get Out
Dr. Abigail Tyler from The Fourth Kind
Chris MacNeil from The Exorcist
Dr. Miranda Grey from Gothika
May Dove Canady from May
Eleanor Vance from The Haunting

#2 (Bottom Left) Short Blonde Wig with Bangs purchased for $16.99

Personally, I hate how I look in this wig, but I’m not going to say it is a bad wig because of this. I think this wig looks better than some of the other wigs because it does not have a part.

Character created with this hair:
Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby

I had a couple of other characters I planned to use this wig for initially, but one of them I didn’t do at all. The other one was Chris MacNeil, but I went with the other wig when it showed up so red.

#3 (Middle) Long Straight Black Wig purchased for $30.99

(Currently selling for $14.99, so don’t sleep on that deal, if you are thinking of getting this one! I’m not salty about the price drop. Ok, I’m a little salty.)

This is probably my favorite wig of the 5 showcased here, but that’s probably because I don’t ever plan to have black hair on the top of my head again in real life. As such, I feel like this is the one I will get the most use out of in the long run.

Characters created with this hair:
Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body
Samara Morgan from The Ring
Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

#4 (Top Right) Long Wavy Ombre Blonde Wig with Long Bangs purchased for $19.99

When I was in the planning stages, there were a lot more characters I was going to use this wig for that I ultimately used my blue hair for instead. I slightly regret buying this wig now, but chose it specifically because of the two-toned blonde colors within it.

Characters created with this hair:
Carrie White from Carrie
Allison from Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

The main character I was going to use this wig for got the chop, but is still on my mind for a future shoot.

#5 (Bottom Right) Long Wavy Copper Red Wig purchased for $19.99

I was really excited to get a long, wavy red wig, but this one was pretty disappointing. The part is awful, and even when trying to move the hair to cover the part, it was obvious that I was wearing a wig. Because of this, I chose not to use this for all the characters I originally planned. Most of the redheads, I did with my blue hair instead.

Character created with this hair:
Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps

I will wear this wig again, but probably paired with a hat or headband to remedy the part issue.

Honorable Mention: Black Clip on Bangs purchased for $6.70 including shipping

I actually bought two of these from different sellers because I wasn’t sure if either of them was going to arrive in time. I was planning to pair these bangs with the long straight black wig, but never ended up doing that. Instead these bangs were used with hats, hoods, and photographic angles to give the illusion of a full wig.

Characters created with this hair:
Wendy Torrance from The Shining
Donnie Darko from Donnie Darko
Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice

I actually think this clip on bangs piece is awful because the way the small part of the bangs was cut you can tell the entire hairpiece was already warped before they did it. I had to angle it on my head in a weird way for the bangs to end up straight across my forehead. That said, it still worked for my purposes.

Which hair was your favorite? Let me know! 🙂

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