Why Don’t You Start a Fashion Blog?

After I participated in #ColorWeek2021, I was feeling inspired. My brain was coming up with more ideas for outfits and photos. My medium has historically been with the written word more than anything, but lately there has been a lull in that stream. When I was video-chatting with my friend, I gave them a tour of how I had recently organized my bedroom (including different zones for my accessories, shoes, and the in-progress rack of outfits to photograph) when they asked me, “Why don’t you start a fashion blog?”

Honestly, I don’t know if I had ever consciously thought about it before. In that moment though, I couldn’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t. I’m at a point in my life where I wear what I want whenever I want. (Oh, the joys of not having to report to anyone!) I’m not a particularly on-trend person but that’s mainly because it is hard for me not to see the newest fashions as just another way to separate you from your money.

Once you realize that trends are just made up by people who influence others (and overwhelming with the intent to sell a product) it becomes much easier to separate yourself from those fads that don’t truly excite you. Also, reviewing fashion history shows there are patterns to what is hot and what is not. And, if you wait long enough they’ll swap places! Spending time, energy, and not to mention money (!) on always trying to be on top of the latest and greatest is not sustainable.

I’m not here to try to talk people out of being fashionable or even to stop paying attention to the Establishment. As Sun Tzu said, “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be defeated.” I’m just taking this space to share things I’m wearing in the hopes it may inspire someone else. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the answer to how to make the fashion industry sustainable, but I’m willing to share the things I do to create these outfits without falling prey to emptying my bank account for a look.

~Thrifty Subversion

The meme format of Bilbo Baggins looking at the ring saying After All...Why Not? Why Shouldn't I? as he is about to put it on his finger.


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