Raw: Justine

I wasn’t sure how to format all 31 posts of the outfits I plan to do this October, especially without having all of them completed ahead of time. I know that I want ZERO spoilers anywhere. I’m the kind of person where if I watch a trailer and they show anything that ends up spoiling the plot, I am upset. Also, if they show stuff that doesn’t end up in the final cut, wtf? Even if I don’t plan to watch the movie anytime soon, sometimes a scene from a preview will ultimately spoil a movie for me. My brain is always looking for patterns, and I’m an English graduate. I see your bullshit narrative everywhere.

I am going to do my best to not spoil any movies for everyone. Sometimes though, talking about the category or some small detail will ultimately ruin it for someone. I am truly sorry if that happens, It was never my intent.

I’m starting out with a very easy outfit from a film that not a lot of people have watched. It is in French, but even if you are the kinda person who refuses to watch subtitled movies, you should make an exception for this film.

I’ve probably only watched this movie a handful of times, but it holds up. I think about it probably more than I should, especially since my partner and I gave up eating meat around January/February 2020. We have occasionally dabbled in the taboo, but overall we’re holding out with not much issue. We haven’t gone full-fledged vegan because of all my other dietary issues, but per my last checkup cutting meat out of my diet has not done anything detrimental thus far.

Irl, I’m definitely more of an Alexia, being an older sister and all, but my complexion is naturally more of a Justine. That’s where I landed in this project.

This Halloween costume/cosplay outfit is about as low key as it gets. All you really need to make it work is a white lab coat. I picked up this “vintage” one via ebay for less than $10. (Not even $20 with shipping.) Because I’m trying to get the most wears out of it, I’m going to keep it white for as long as possible. However, you can still pull off the Justine look with a discolored lab coat too. In the movie, her lab coat goes through various transformations and definitely doesn’t stay white. If you’ve got one from a previous year that is covered in blood, it would be perfect as well.

Raw: Justine Outfit

While there are a variety of costume choices to be Justine, I’m all about using what I’ve already got. (Real low budget vibes.) I went with a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and a lab coat. In most of the scenes, you don’t even see her shoes, so I just picked a random pair and wore the socks I already had on.

A shot of my messy bun.

Even though the majority of my hair is currently blue, I just ignored that and threw it up into a bun. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve washed your hair. Your character is going through some shit and doesn’t have time or energy to spare on hygiene like hair washing. The more loose strands you have the better.

Glistening with sweat from running back & forth between the camera and the green screen.

For makeup, I did swipe on a little color to my lips as my natural ones are pale af. Other than that though, I didn’t do anything besides brush up my eyebrows. If you’re feeling frisky, maybe do a layer or two of mascara. And if you’re not lucky enough to already have bags under your eyes (s/o to my genetics!) you could add a lil something to your undereye.

For accessories, I put two small gold hoop earrings in my right ear and gave myself a nosebleed with some fake blood from a tube.

The angle and pose might not be exact, but I think the vibe is still there.

I only started editing photos a hot minute ago, so please ignore the bits of green peeking through. I am confident as this project continues my gimp skills will improve. (Hit me up with some tips if you’ve got ’em!)

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea!

In the meantime, check out the Raw: Justine Vibes board on Pinterest.


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