Midsommar: Dani Ardor Vibes

Now in our house we love this movie. My spouse actually (jokingly) threatened to call the divorce lawyer if I rewatched it without him. However, if you read the reviews on imdb (This is not a recommendation.) it would seem as though a lot of people hated it. Personally, I think it helps if you go into the film knowing next to nothing about it beforehand, but I think almost every movie is probably a better viewing experience when you go into it without any expectations.

If you have not seen Midsommar but you’re into horror movies or cinematography, stop what you’re doing, and go watch it IMMEDIATELY before reading any further.



Today’s outfit is Dani Ardor’s transformation at the end of the movie, so the entire post is a spoiler. Now this could be the kind of costume that you work on all year and come up with something really awesome and creative. I’ve seen a lot of great diy renditions on the internet. I’m a spoonie, so while I could parse out some spoons to create something beautiful to wear for this outfit, I’d rather save my spoons for the other 30 outfits I plan to showcase.

Midsommar: Dani Ardor/May Queen Outfit

There are a bunch of very comfy and casual outfits that Dani wears at the beginning of the movie. I could’ve maybe used one of my black hoodies to recreate one, but I already have that out to use for a different movie character. Plus, who doesn’t want to have an excuse to wear a flower crown? This rendition of Dani as the May Queen consists of a long shirt/short dress that I got via a clothing swap, a skirt I inherited secondhand, and a pair of Toms I bought (years ago) for $10 in a local selling group online.

Closeup of my blue braids.

My hair is barely long enough in braids to reach all the way to the other side and stack like this. It took two tries, two hair elastics, and two bobby pins to get it to finally stay. If you’ve got different hair and more energy, feel free to do a more detailed braid hairdo. If you’re adding a flower crown to your look though, don’t waste too much time on worrying about your hair. In all the other pics I’m posting here, you can’t even see my braids.

I was trying for that smile at the very end here. #BetterLuckNextTime

For makeup, I put on a lip glow from Avon called Ambiance. One of my grandmothers has been an Avon lady my entire life. She sends money ($5-$20 in a card) for birthdays or holidays, and I usually turn it back around in the form of an Avon order from her. Otherwise, I didn’t use any makeup, just brushed my eyebrows.

Tfw you finally feel held.

For accessories, I wore a flower crown I got from Shop Morales via etsy. While the flowers on the one I bought don’t mimic Dani’s, I choose this one because I have other plans for it. #ReduceReuseRepurposeRewear

Beyond deciding between one of Dani’s casual (read as comfy) daytime outfits or some of the pageantry she dons once she starts participating in the festivities, there are many different variations you can choose if you decide on one of the dresses. There is a transformation from the basic traditional white dress with embroidery to her outfit being enveloped completely and melding with all the flowers. The flower crown also shifts from a predominately white & yellow flowered piece to a basket shape to a spiked extravaganza. What I’m saying is, you’ve got options! You can put as little or as much as you want into recreating an outfit to be Dani Ardor. Plus, frowning, crying, and screaming are all acceptable emotions to exude when you’re done up as her. (Might just wear this every day going forward.)

BONUS CONTENT: If you have a partner who happens to have an old Ted costume (or any kind of Bear), see if they’re willing to wear it for a couple’s costume.

Fuck you Thunder! We worship the sun around here. #WhenWorldsCollide
My partner to me: I made my eyes real big, so it looked like I was drugged.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea!

In the meantime, check out the Midsommar: Dani Ardor Vibes board on Pinterest.


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