Event Horizon: Lieutenant Starck

Event Horizon is near and dear to my heart. The first time I watched it was when my mom and I were home alone, in a log cabin, in the middle of nowhere, on top of mountain, in the middle of the night, in the dark. We suspended our disbelief, and this movie scared the shit out of us. Afterwards, I think we turned on all the lights in the house to try to feel better.

The internet refers to the Event Horizon aesthetic as both goth and techno-medieval. It is my all-time favorite horror movie set in space. Although, I am open to other suggestions. If you know of anything that can rival it, let me know.

Event Horizon: Lieutenant Starck Outfit

This costume really relies on having a flight suit. I’ve had this one for like twenty years. I picked it up somewhere in college, and it has some holes and tears in it. You might be able to score some military coveralls via a surplus store, but if you have a jumpsuit, you could repurpose that as well. If you have an old Top Gun costume, that would totally work too.

I paired this with some well-loved Anarchy boots that give the look a more futuristic vibe than some standard boots. I inherited these from my friend. One strap no longer has the hardware to attach it, but I’ve just been using a safety pin. (True diy punk vibes.) I have longterm upcycling plans for these boots, but in the meantime, they’ll support my futuristic sci-fi horror look.

I’ve had these patches in my stash wondering if I would ever use them.

I’ve collected patches for quite some time, and I make patch jackets occasionally. I have a lunch box full of patches that I had yet to use including these (pseudo) military ones that I thought would help elevate the look for Lieutenant Starck. I’m sure I didn’t sew them in the correct positions, but I only loosely stitched them on in case I want to remove them after this photoshoot.

Handstitched patches close up.

With some time to research and shop online, I’m sure you could pull off more authentic looking patches, but I’m just working with what I already had on hand.

For my hair, I put it back into a loose ponytail. Initially, I was going to dress as Lieutenant Peters, but I didn’t have a wig or haircut that would resemble her look. Instead, I opted for Lieutenant Starck as my current hair could more easily mimic her hairstyle in the movie.

You can see some of the holes in my collar.

For makeup…just kidding. This is the year 2047, in space, somewhere near Neptune, and I’ve just come out of statis. My character dgaf about makeup. We’re on an emergency rescue mission (during Christmastime no less!) to determine the source of the distress signal from the Event Horizon starship. There’s no time to be putting on our face.

Trying to fit all my accessories into one selfie.

For accessories, I took a charm I bought on clearance and had on hand and added it to a long ball chain necklace to stand in for dog tags. I also decided last minute to use my Kum & Go baseball hat that I picked up at a gas station, on a road trip, in college, when I thought the corporate chain’s existence was hilarious. At this point in my life, I usually wear it when I’m doing yardwork or weeding my garden, but it was the closest hat I have to a navy blue patch hat like Lt. Starck’s.

I just tried to ensure the Bee Mine tag was backwards in all the photos.

For my prop, I used this rusty ass hatchet that I happen to have. I think one of the wrenches in my basement would’ve matched the color of Lt. Starck’s “hatchet” more, but my partner said her weapon was definitely not a wrench. We’re working with what we’ve got and either way, you’re probably not going to carry around a wrench or a hatchet at your Halloween event. Although, bringing a weapon might stop people from just calling you a pilot all night.

There’s probably a technical term for her type of hatchet, but I have no idea what it is.
Why is Baby Bear in the air lock?
Y’all better not be having a blood orgy without me.
Omg, no one told me Cerebro was on board.
Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see all the allusions packed into this film.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Event Horizon: Lieutenant Starck Vibes board on Pinterest.


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