Get Out: Rose Armitage

This is a another very lowkey Halloween outfit you can wear while still being a character. Wearing this shirt might have people questioning if you’re Waldo from Where’s Waldo? or his girlfriend Wenda. Just remind people that those characters wore hats, and Wenda wore striped tights too! Dressing like Rose Armitage from Get Out might have you blending in with the people in the crowd not in costume, but once you tell people who you are, they’re bound to remember there’s nothing more terrifying than a white woman weaponizing her tears & privilege.

Get Out: Rose Armitage Outfit

This outfit is a Monki long sleeve stripe t-shirt in red that I bought final sale for around $8 via asos. I couldn’t find the dark wash skinny jeans I thought I owned. (They’re probably in my mending pile.) Instead I used this pair of SimplyVera Vera Wang cropped jeans that my mother probably bought for me during one of our roughly every other year shopping visits. The boots are Ralph Lauren Chaps that I got secondhand. While Rose Armitage is probably wearing loafers in this particular outfit in the film, I don’t currently own any. I decided to use these boots because in another scene she is wearing a riding outfit.

Wear #2

My hair is the same wig I used to be Sidney Prescott. Rose Armitage has darker and longer hair, but I just wanted to have the bangs. If I were choosing the white turtleneck outfit she wears or the white collared shirt & riding pants outfit, her hair is in a low ponytail with no bangs. Work with what you’ve got, or get yourself a wig. For makeup, just a coat of black mascara and on my lips is a lipstick called Romance by Honeybee Gardens. It is a natural lipstick and can be kind of drying, so I used a layer of moisturizing lip balm underneath.

For my accessory, I chose this crossbody bag to stand in for the travel bag Rose uses.

For my prop, I grabbed a pair of old car keys, but you could probably use your real ones. If I had chosen a different outfit, I would’ve gone with either a hunting rifle or a tall glass of milk with a straw and a bowl of dry Froot Loops.

My boyfriend shouldn’t have to show I.D. because I was the one driving, officer.
Hope you’re ready to meet the fam! My dad is gonna tell you about how he’d vote for Obama a 3rd time, if he could!
Babe, I’m looking for the keys.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Get Out: Rose Armitage Vibes board on Pinterest.


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