The Fourth Kind: Dr. Abigail Tyler

This post is kind of a two-for-one. Since The Fourth Kind is a movie with reenactments, I couldn’t decide which version of Dr. Abigail Tyler to do. As such, you’re getting two outfit ideas for the same character.

I’ve only ever talked to people who were scared by (or totally ambivalent to) The Fourth Kind, so I don’t really understand all the negativity I saw about this movie on the internet. Especially with all the recent news where the military has confirmed UAPs, suspending your disbelief should be even easier now than when the movie originally was released.

This first outfit option is only seen briefly in the film, was not in the promotional shots (like the other one), and is basically a deep cut. I include it though because a lot of people might have similar items in their closets already and could dress as this character.

The Fourth Kind: Dr. Abigail Tyler Outfit #1

This outfit is comprised of an H&M basic tank, Universal Thread Goods Co cardigan, and the same pants and boots that I used for the Get Out: Rose Armitage look.

I don’t usually use this huge barrette like this.

My hair was done in two braids and then held up with a barrette. This is a similar style to what I use before I put on a wig cap. Any hairstyle where your hair is loosely pulled back would work though. For makeup, I did a little black mascara and on my lips is a lipstick called Romance by Honeybee Gardens. For this version of Abbey Tyler, I didn’t use any accessories or props.

The second outfit option for Dr. Abigail Tyler from The Fourth Kind was seen at the beginning of the film, in promotional footage, and also might be things you already have in your closet.

The Fourth Kind: Dr. Abigail Tyler Outfit #2

I went to Catholic school for a lot of my life and grew to loathe collared button up shirts with a fiery passion in my soul. I’ve gone out of my way to create a life that does not require their use. However, I still have some (that I’ve acquired throughout the years) hanging out in my closet, just in case. This particular shirt is a Converse One-Star button down that I got at a clothing swap. (I’ll probably seam rip off the pockets after seeing how they look on my body in these pics.) The pants are black stretch slacks from Rue 21 that I got secondhand. The shoes are George black closed toe wedges that I picked up last minute for a job interview years and years ago. Back when I worked a corporate culture office gig, I probably wore outfits very similar to this on a regular basis.

I forgot to take a selfie in this outfit, but why does this look like a mug shot?

My hair is a wig. I have on the same makeup as listed above for the other outfit, and my accessory is a basic thin gold chain.

I actually wish these pants had a higher waist.

For my prop, I used a small tape recorder. I can’t remember exactly how this came into my life. I think I had to buy it for school. It has been in my attic in an electronics tub. I hesitate to get rid of it and the tapes I still have because of how much regret I had after donating all my cassette tapes including the ones my friends and I made in high school. (I didn’t realize they were all together until after I got rid of them.) I have a tape for this recorder of my younger brother singing Sublime songs as a small child. #memories

This looks like a nice place to live; I bet nothing weird ever happens here.
You can trust me and go under hypnosis. I mean, look how professional I am in my collared shirt.
Sorry I can’t help you right now. I’m busy listening to my dead husband.
Note to self: Figure out why everyone is terrified of Hedwig looking through their window.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out The Fourth Kind: Dr. Abigail Tyler Vibes board on Pinterest.


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