Carrie: Carrie White

Around 20 years ago, I dressed up as Carrie White for Halloween. Let me tell you that the corn syrup & food coloring recipe that I used for fake blood worked very well, made me sticky af, and destroyed my entire outfit. Oh, and if I remember correctly, it also stained my bath tub too! I had to wipe off a bunch around my eyes and mouth just to tolerate it.

You can tell this was ages ago as we are smoking cigarettes indoors out in public. I think it was a coffee shop where we made a stop to see a dude my friend was crushing on during their open mic night.

I had my friend pour a bucket of the corn syrup fake blood concoction over me when I was standing in my costume. It was so sticky that I brought a towel with me to sit on so I wouldn’t get fake blood all over everything wherever I was going. This Halloween outfit might just be the reason I stopped really messing with fake blood and destroying clothes too. It was not an ideal situation to be party hopping with a towel and sticking to everyone and everything.

Carrie: Carrie White Outfit

This outfit consists of a vintage Behind Every Olga There Really Is an Olga pink slip that I got from my grandmother, a fuzzy pink scarf I inherited from my friend, and a pair of Nina Mahala Peep Toe Sparkly Glitter Wedges that I bought on clearance at DSW with a gift card one of my friend’s gave me for Christmas one year. I’ll probably be selling them soon as I’ve never worn them, and beyond this photo shoot, I probably never will.

For my hair, I’m wearing a wig. You’ll see this one again before we’re through. I went very minimal with my makeup only wearing Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick in Valentine on my lips.

For my accessories, I have a few different items. Instead of a corsage, I wore a bracelet with a large flower made of stones that I acquired at a clothing exchange. I love this bracelet so much, so s/o to whoever it was that donated it. I then took part of a feather earring and tucked it behind a flower brooch to wear on my chest like Chloe Moretz did in her version of Carrie.

I also wore a tiara that I got from my grandmother after she obtained it at one of her birthday shindigs. It has red lettering on it that says Queen, and it actually lights up with red lights when you flip a switch. The Queen part fell off and some of the photos are with it, while others are without it. I can’t decide if I want to superglue it back on or not.

For my prop, I used a bunch of ageratina altissima, commonly referred to as white snakeroot that I pulled from my yard to dry for another project. I took a pink ribbon that I had in my ribbon stash and loosely tied a bow around it to stand in for my bouquet.

Momma, this really nice boy asked me to the prom. I’m gonna go, and you can’t stop me!
I thought tonight was going to be magical, but just like the rest of high school, my peers had to go and ruin everything.
“A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Carrie: Carrie White Vibes board on Pinterest.


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