The Shining: Wendy Torrance

This is another one of those classic horror movies that has a personal connection to my life. I spent an entire summer when I was in college where I read exclusively Stephen King novels while I worked at a gas station. I didn’t read The Shining until after I had seen the movie which (at the time) was unusual for me. This story is one that I appreciate within both the book and film worlds, even if they don’t align with each other.

Also, multiple people have told me that my d** reminds them of Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of Jack Torrance in The Shining. #CanConfirm It might seem strange that I would choose to dress as Wendy Torrance, but dressing as the Grady twins only works in a pair. What’s my other option, going naked as the woman in room 237? Maybe next year!

The Shining: Wendy Torrance Outfit

This outfit is comprised of a mock turtleneck cropped short sleeve shirt that was part of a set with matching joggers and a matching face mask. It is the only outfit I own that has a matching face mask and a pandemic splurge during lockdown. I’m thinking about cutting off the “mock neck” part to turn it into a scrunchie and remove the turtleneck part of the shirt.

Layered on top is an Authentic 44mm Legendary Workwear the Original Legendary Goods 100% Cotton Flannel that I got at a second hand store. On top of that is an unbranded Ladies Casual Plain Dungarees Dress Overalls that I obtained via ebay for $16 including shipping. I wasn’t gonna buy it, but the pockets won me over.

I also wore a pair of white tights and these unbranded, wanna-be Uggs that I inherited from a friend. I never thought I would ever wear boots like this, but now that I know how warm they keep my feet, you can pry them from my cold, dead extremities.

I gave myself Fairuza Balk in American History X Vibes with my hair in this photo. #unsettling

For my hair, I am using a clip-in bangs piece that cost around $5. I initially planned to use it in tandem with the long dark hair wig I used previously, but that ended up being too long for Wendy Torrance. As such, this outfit is not my best work and should only be viewed from the front.

Tbh, this is pretty hilarious.

I didn’t put on any makeup for Wendy Torrance, but you could do something fun making your nose and cheeks all rosy. Here is a tutorial to help!

For my accessory, I put on a simple silver band to stand in as a wedding ring. I also had an outfit change where I removed the skirtall and added a robe. (The robe is my spouse’s and was a gift.)

For my first prop, you know I was bringing back my reliable butcher knife. At the end of this project, I’ll have to tally up how many times I used it.

For my second prop, I used this wooden tee-ball bat that I found in a field more than two decades ago when I was setting off fireworks with my cousin and his friend. It has resided next to my bed through every place I’ve lived since. It fits me perfectly and feels great when I swing it.

Oh Jack, this looks like a swell place to spend the winter.
Danny, you & Tony need to wrap it up, and quit messing with those girls.
Totally get why my kid & husband are into this room. The design and decor are phenomenal.
You better stop playing with my lipstick and give me back my favorite knife.
This might not be what your bartender buddy was talking about, but this is what I mean when I say double fisting, Jack.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out The Shining: Wendy Torrance Vibes board on Pinterest.


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