Gothika: Dr. Miranda Grey

What would you do if you woke up locked in a psych ward with no recollection of the events that put you there, and not only do the people in charge tell you that your spouse has been murdered but you’re the prime suspect?! Terrifying stuff. This is the premise of the movie Gothika.

One of my spouse’s favorite movies in this October project, I initially wasn’t going to do it. Once I procured my new black roll neck shirt though, all the pieces fell into place. Plus, this might be the only time I can remotely pull off a Halle Berry character dressing as Dr. Miranda Grey.

Gothika: Dr. Miranda Grey Outfit

This outfit consists of the same “long sleeve rib roll neck top” that I used for Annie Wilkes from Misery, a gray Savion pencil skirt that I got secondhand, some sheer black stockings, and the George interview wedges I wore as Dr. Abigail Tyler from The Fourth Kind. Apparently, psychologists and psychiatrists wear sensible shoes like black wedges in my recreations.

For my hair, I’m wearing the same wig I used for Dr. Abigail Tyler, Chris MacNeil from The Exorcist, Rose Armitage from Get Out, and Sidney Prescott from Scream. Sure, it is redder than Dr. Miranda Grey’s hair color. But we’re already fooling ourselves that I can look like Halle Berry, so just stretch your imagination a little bit further. I also pulled the top half back with a claw clip.

I didn’t apply any makeup beyond lip balm for this character. I mean for most of the movie she’s locked up without access to a Sephora.

For my accessory, I have my partner’s old badge from work to stand in for Dr. Miranda Grey’s security keycard. For my prop, I’m using a metal clipboard that has been in my office supplies stash for years.

Now this outfit might have you looking like you just came from work and didn’t have time to change before the Halloween costume party, but there are other things you could do to help people recognize your character. You could find a pal to dress as Penelope Cruz’s character Chloe Sava. Although, if you go that route, you might want to change your outfit into something more like what Miranda wears when they’re both locked up in the penitentiary. You could also write “Not Alone” on your forearm (to look like blood) to really go above and beyond this basic look.

After an average day at work, I left my work husband to head home to my real husband, but just my luck, I crashed my car in the rainstorm trying to dodge someone standing in the road.
Hey work husband, remind again why we aren’t fucking?
I guess being locked up isn’t as bad when you have a friend locked up with you.
What is going on in these solitary cells? I probably should’ve thought about this more when I worked here.
What exactly happened in this old farmhouse? I probably don’t wanna know.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Gothika: Dr. Miranda Grey Vibes board on Pinterest.


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