Tucker and Dale vs Evil: Allison

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (T&DvE) is both a horror movie and a comedy. It is extra funny if you’re a horrorhead (like a sneakerhead but for horror films. I just made it up. Tell your friends.) because that way you pick up on the allusions sprinkled throughout the movie. It isn’t just a collection of clichés though, as the film does enough to feel fresh and fun!

A lot of the costumes I’ve done this month have been geared for colder weather. Dressing as Allison from T&DvE is an outfit you could wear if your costume party or Halloween event happens with warmer weather. (Side note: What’s with movies never giving characters named Allison a last name though?)

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil: Allison Outfit

This outfit consists of a Goodfellow & Co long sleeve, collared, button up shirt that I borrowed from my spouse (and twisted up the bottom and tucked up the sleeves), a white bandeau bra from Maidenform, a pair of Mossimo Supply Co long shorts that I got from a clothing swap, a pair of wool socks I borrowed from my partner (not pictured above), and the same Hi-tec hiking boots that I used for Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project.

I forgot to take selfies for this character. This pic is also to show you how great my butt looks in these shorts. Who knew? I didn’t!

For my hair, I used the same wig that I had on for Carrie White from Carrie. For makeup, there was maybe some leftover lipstick residue or maybe just lip balm.

For my accessory, I used a belt from a sweater I no longer own, if I ever did, and I used it in place of the fabric that Allison ties around her head after removing the gauze. You could also choose to use some gauze instead, but I didn’t want to waste any, whereas you can wash and reuse a fabric belt. #RefuseReduceReuseRewearRepurpose

For my first prop, I used some jute rope that I acquired from a shop on etsy to fix some cat furniture that my cats scratched up. (It’s still on the To-Do list.)

For my second prop, I used a bench that normally resides on the back deck with plants on it. While obviously this bench does not resemble the machinery in the sawmill, with a little cropping and/or photo editing it’ll get the job done.

My friends from college were on a trip out of town, and when we stopped for gas we ran into some locals.
The locals, Tucker & Dale, were renovating a cabin right by ours!
I got separated from my friends for a bit, so idk what they’re thinking here.
It turns out that Dale likes pancakes and trivia board games.
A bunch of shenanigans ensue, but I won’t spoil it for you!

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Tucker and Dale Vs Evil: Allison Vibes board on Pinterest.

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