The Craft: Nancy Downs

I went to Catholic school for a lot of my life, and was enrolled at a Catholic high school when The Craft was released. As someone who got detentions for wearing too much black eyeliner, fishnets, and combat boots with my uniform, let me be the first to tell you that most of what the girls in The Craft wear at their school would never fly in real life. I was probably more like Sarah Bailey as I moved and was the “new girl” at school a few times, but deep down I think of myself as more of a Nancy Downs in terms of aesthetic.

The Craft: Nancy Downs Outfit

Because I went to Catholic school where I had to wear a uniform including plaid skirts and white collared shirts, I intentionally built my adult wardrobe to exclude those items. Some years ago, this black sweater with sewn in white collar dickie came into my life, and I decided it was ok to include. There is no tag. (I probably ripped it off due to sensory issues.) Instead of a short plaid skirt, I chose this geometric patterned one by a brand with such stylized lettering on the tag that I couldn’t confirm what it actually says. (But I can tell it is 98% organic cotton & 2% spandex!) The shoes are N.Y.L.A. Laurena Black Buckle Strap Wedge Booties that my ex purchased for me at Nordstrom Rack. I love them, but the tongue slides down while I wear them. (Note to self: stitch them in place.) In some photos, I’m also wearing a black Zenergy by Chico’s jacket.

For my hair, I decided to go with a side part and slicked back low ponytail. Nancy Downs has a bunch of different hairstyles in the film including two little pigtails, wild curls, bangs, no bangs, and a moving part. Go with whatever one you feel confidant wearing even if it isn’t the one she had for the outfit you choose. I went the route I did to try to hide the most of my blue hair in head-on photos.

For my eye makeup, I used a blackest black glimmerstick from Avon (on my waterlines), a NYX super fat eye marker in carbon black, black mascara, and clear brow gel. I also used some coal eyeshadow from the Avon True Color For the Love of Makeup Artist Palette. For my lip makeup, I started with some Honeybee Gardens lipstick in Vintage Merlot and then added a layer of Avon Beyond Color lipstick in Revenge.

For my accessories, I used a faux nose ring, some earrings I made from cross charms from Michaels, my vintage beaded black choker necklace that I’ve been wearing since the 1990s, and a yellow faceted bead rosary.

For my first prop, I used a book called The Craft by Brittany Nightshade.

For my second prop, I used this blade that looks like a dagger (that I use as a letter opener) and got as a parting gift from one of my long-term relationship breakups.

So stoked we found our fourth when Sarah came to town, so we can call the corners now.
Don’t worry. I’ve got money this time. My stepdad dropped dead, and we got $175,000 from his insurance.
Mom. my friends came over to hang out with me, not to listen to your Connie Francis jukebox.
Mister, we are the weirdos.
I can feel Manon running through my veins.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out The Craft: Nancy Downs Vibes board on Pinterest.


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