The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Magenta

It has the word “horror” in the title, but is it a horror movie? I personally categorize it in my Musicals section. Regardless of the official classification, the costumes within the movie are so iconic and definitely a Halloween staple. This would be a great one to do within a group costume. I initially considered dressing as Dr. Frank N. Furter, but when you already have a maid’s costume, the choice is made for you to be Magenta.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Magenta Outfit

This outfit consists of a maid’s costume that has no tag, has been one of my possessions for many, many years, and was a hand-me-down from my mother. I also wore a pair of fishnet tights and these Target black lace up booties with a chunky heel that I got from a secondhand store for $6.99. If you don’t have a maid’s costume, a black dress with white details or a black dress with a white apron would work too!

After seeing this shot from behind, I should’ve moved the white bit towards the back a little further. C’est la vie.

For my hair, I wasn’t going to a buy one wig to be Magenta when it wouldn’t overlap with any other purpose for me. I have a red wig, but it didn’t work for this character. I ultimately decided to just use my current mostly blue hair. Even though I knew it would never end up as fluffy as I needed it, I put it into tiny braids, slept on them, and then undid them for this crimpy result. I think the blue still looks fun enough to not be confused as “just a maid”. But, I also think that anyone dressed up as a maid should always claim they are a visitor from the planet Transylvania. Plus, hair color is irrelevant if you’re using a black & white filter.

Because I have owned this maid outfit for so very long, the headpiece got separated from it ages ago. To stand in for it, I took a piece of white lace that I had in my scraps.

I just folded it up into a shape that resembled the look I was trying to achieve and put some safety pins through it to hold it in place. If I were wearing this out somewhere and not just for a photo shoot at home, I would have put a few stitches of thread into it instead. I then held this pinned piece of lace on the top of my head with a couple of snap barrettes.

For my makeup, I used some Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation in Virgin (whitest white) and some Manic Panic Goth White cream powder foundation to achieve the white face. I also used my blackest black glimmerstick from AvonNYX Super Fat Eye Marker, and black mascara on my eyes. On my lips, I used NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Kitten Heels.

For my accessory, I chose a white face mask. This is the only costume I have showcased so far that has a mask built into the outfit. (Both Magenta and Columbia wear white masks in the movie.)

At first I was going to cut off the sleeve of one of my white tees to make a white mask, but then my brother had the great idea to flip my one and only almost white mask inside out to wear the white part on the outside. I didn’t want to get my lipstick all over the pretty printed side, so I slid some tissues in there to act as a buffer. #ProTip

For my prop, I was just going to use a mop or broom, but then, I re-watched the movie and settled on a hair dryer. If you’re going to a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in this costume though, bring a water squirt gun. Or if I had a gong, I would have probably used that!

I was working at this castle serving my master Dr. Frank N Furter during a thunderstorm one night.
We were having a convention and doing the Time Warp.
When these couple of squares named Brad & Janet showed up. Frank introduced them to his newest creation Rocky.
There was an appearance by Meatloaf. I mean, Eddie.
A little number between Janet & Rocky that got me and Columbia all hot & bothered.
After that was one of the most awkward dinner parties that I’ve ever attended.
Riff Raff and I told Frank that he failed the mission as we turned everyone into statues.
Then, my brother and I decided to peace out and head back to our planet of Transylvania.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Magenta Vibes board on Pinterest.


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