Halloween Movie Outfits Recap: Hair Edition

For my hair, I used my standard hair which is teal/blue, very straight, and about shoulder length. I also used 5 wigs to create all the characters. Here is my ranking order for the wigs:

#1 (Top Left) Shoulder Length Auburn Wig with Bangs purchased for $15.99

This was described as Honey Brown, but it is definitely more red than that. I’m not mad at the color it is, but it definitely gave a different vibe to the characters I used it for than what I anticipated.

Characters created with this hair:
Sidney Prescott from Scream
Rose Armitage from Get Out
Dr. Abigail Tyler from The Fourth Kind
Chris MacNeil from The Exorcist
Dr. Miranda Grey from Gothika
May Dove Canady from May
Eleanor Vance from The Haunting

#2 (Bottom Left) Short Blonde Wig with Bangs purchased for $16.99

Personally, I hate how I look in this wig, but I’m not going to say it is a bad wig because of this. I think this wig looks better than some of the other wigs because it does not have a part.

Character created with this hair:
Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby

I had a couple of other characters I planned to use this wig for initially, but one of them I didn’t do at all. The other one was Chris MacNeil, but I went with the other wig when it showed up so red.

#3 (Middle) Long Straight Black Wig purchased for $30.99

(Currently selling for $14.99, so don’t sleep on that deal, if you are thinking of getting this one! I’m not salty about the price drop. Ok, I’m a little salty.)

This is probably my favorite wig of the 5 showcased here, but that’s probably because I don’t ever plan to have black hair on the top of my head again in real life. As such, I feel like this is the one I will get the most use out of in the long run.

Characters created with this hair:
Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body
Samara Morgan from The Ring
Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

#4 (Top Right) Long Wavy Ombre Blonde Wig with Long Bangs purchased for $19.99

When I was in the planning stages, there were a lot more characters I was going to use this wig for that I ultimately used my blue hair for instead. I slightly regret buying this wig now, but chose it specifically because of the two-toned blonde colors within it.

Characters created with this hair:
Carrie White from Carrie
Allison from Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

The main character I was going to use this wig for got the chop, but is still on my mind for a future shoot.

#5 (Bottom Right) Long Wavy Copper Red Wig purchased for $19.99

I was really excited to get a long, wavy red wig, but this one was pretty disappointing. The part is awful, and even when trying to move the hair to cover the part, it was obvious that I was wearing a wig. Because of this, I chose not to use this for all the characters I originally planned. Most of the redheads, I did with my blue hair instead.

Character created with this hair:
Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps

I will wear this wig again, but probably paired with a hat or headband to remedy the part issue.

Honorable Mention: Black Clip on Bangs purchased for $6.70 including shipping

I actually bought two of these from different sellers because I wasn’t sure if either of them was going to arrive in time. I was planning to pair these bangs with the long straight black wig, but never ended up doing that. Instead these bangs were used with hats, hoods, and photographic angles to give the illusion of a full wig.

Characters created with this hair:
Wendy Torrance from The Shining
Donnie Darko from Donnie Darko
Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice

I actually think this clip on bangs piece is awful because the way the small part of the bangs was cut you can tell the entire hairpiece was already warped before they did it. I had to angle it on my head in a weird way for the bangs to end up straight across my forehead. That said, it still worked for my purposes.

Which hair was your favorite? Let me know! 🙂


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