Thrift Store Score #1: Shoes

This post is the second portion of one shopping trip. The first part can be found here.

Much to my spouse’s dismay, I purchased 5 pairs of shoes on my Thrift Store Shopping Excursion. I wear either a size 9 or size 8.5, depending on the brand & style. I tried all of these on at the store with a pair of tights on my feet.

I’m a little salty about the placement of this price tag, as the adhesive was so sticky, I ended up creating a tear trying to remove it.

Of all the flat ballet slippers I own already, I do not have any pointy-toed options. I gravitated towards these because of the leopard print. Only upon writing this post did I learn they are Marc Fisher Analia Leopard Print Pointed Toe Flats. Marc Fisher shoes appear to sell from anywhere from $30-$300 a pair on their website. This exact pair is currently listed for sale on other sites from anywhere between $25-$75. I paid $8.99.

I also picked up this pair of white TOMS and carried them around the store without knowing how much they cost. It was one of 3 items I had to ask for a price check for at the register. On the TOMS website, these White Alpargata Canvas Shoes are listed at $49.95, on sale for $34.99. I paid $3.99.

Also, because of the print, I was drawn to these Franco Sarto Reeve Leopard Print Booties. On the Franco Sarto website, solid colored booties like this are going from between $170-$200. This exact pair of booties is listed for sale on other sites anywhere from $30-$155, but that $30 posting is an anomaly. Snag it now if you’re looking for these and they’re your size. I paid $9.99.

I was super excited to see these Lace up Black Boots with a chunky heel as the only “witchy” boots I own currently are wedges and don’t really provide the same vibe. After checking at home, I realized these are Target brand. There is a similar (but not really) style currently sold there for $39.99. This exact pair of booties is listed for $30, on sale for $12 on Poshmark. I paid $6.99. Bonus: I used these shoes for both Magenta and Ginger in my October Halloween Outfit Project.

This pair of shoes I also carried around the entire store not knowing how much they were. I know that Keen brand shoes are out of my budget at their brand new prices. This pair of Brown Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots originally sold for $195. You can currently find them for sale on other sites between $40-$100. I paid $19.99. Bonus: I wore these for my Erin Hardesty from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre photoshoot.

Marc Fisher Analia Leopard Print Pointed Toe Flats=$8.99
White Alpargata Canvas Shoes=$3.99
Franco Sarto Reeve Leopard Print Booties=$9.99
Target Lace up Black Boots=$6.99
Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots=$19.99

Total Shoes=$49.95

I am super excited for all of the shoes I purchased. I have no buyer’s remorse at all. Also, I have already worn 2 of the 5 pairs. I’m looking forward to incorporating all of them into my wardrobe in the future.

Stay tuned for the clothes I scored on this Thrift Store Shopping Trip.


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