Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing

This is the third post in a series. The first can be found here. The second here.

I have a note pad app on my cell where I have a list of things I would like to find secondhand while out thrifting. Some of the short-term items on the list I found (i.e. meat cleaver) and others are just perpetually on my list forever (i.e. fleece-lined jeans in my size). I did keep an eye out for turtlenecks this round, but none of the ones I saw in my size were something I could wear for character outfits AND would wear in real life.

At the store that I went to, the miscellaneous items are on the first floor, and shoes & clothing on are on the second floor. After I went through the miscellaneous items below and the shoes on the second floor, I then started looking at the clothes. I don’t look stuff up while I’m at the store. All the information and links I looked up once I was home and writing these posts.

First up, I gravitated towards this tiana b. black flowy tunic dress with floral embroidery and 3/4 length bell sleeves. From my searches on the internet, the t i a n a b brand appears to have been sold at both Dillard’s and Macy’s. I could not find anything like this to link to or compare pricing. I paid $6.99.

I had very specific dresses in mind to look for, but I couldn’t pass up this APT. 9 Super Soft Mocha Sweater Dress. Originally retailed for $50 at Kohl’s. I paid $6.99. Bonus: It has pockets!

After I saw the mocha dress, I found this dress close by. It is a long (convertible) sleeve, button up, black Merona dress. Originally, it came with a belt, but there was not one for this dress. Uncertain what the original list price was, but almost certainly it came from Target. I paid $6.99. Bonus: It has pockets, and the tag says it was made from recycled plastic.

When I moved to the pants section, I was seeking either very distressed/destroyed jeans or pants with a high waist. The higher, the better. Some part of me was drawn to these bright blue Express skinny jeans. Skinny jeans on their site are currently listed from $80-$98 with some on sale for $39. These bright blue Express skinny jeans are around $43 on Thred Up today. I paid $6.99.

This next pair of pants I liked because of the texture of the fabric. They are a camel colored microsuede with the brand 111 State on the tag and a side zipper closure. Unsure where they were originally sold or for how much. This brand appears to be labelled as Vintage in a number of reseller posts, but the prices vary wildly. Also, none of the ones I could find look similar to these. I paid $4.99.

I was just about to give up on pants, and in my head I thought, I just want some high rise pants; won’t they have any? The very next pair I touched were these Super-High Waist Barely Bootcut 7th Avenue New York & Company black pants. I don’t usually believe in Fate, but it seemed the thrifting gods were smiling on me. The Medium size is not something I would usually buy without trying them on, but I held them up to my waist and they seemed like they would fit. These still have the original tags on them with the list price of $59.95. I paid $24.99 which is usually more than I would like to spend on a pair of pants. Fingers crossed that these work out!

This last pair of pants wasn’t found in the pants section. They are 100% Cotton, very lightweight, Raviya pants with elephants on them. A pair NWT are listed at $30 on Poshmark. I paid $4.99.

Ignore that stain. I’m pretty sure I put it on there while photographing this.

This next item was on the end of a row and stuck out to me. It is a Sophisticated Ruffled Cardigan by Laura Hlavac currently for sale for $109. I paid $5.99.

I reviewed my list one more time before I was going to check out and saw I had a black v neck sweater on there. I saw this attention brand one (after rejecting the turtlenecks present near it) and decided it was coming home with me to cross that one off the list. It has extra long ribbing on the sleeves which I appreciate. I paid $4.99.

I did buy one specific clothing item for my partner. This was untagged when I found it, and an employee did a price check to tag it while the cashier was ringing up the rest of my haul. This is a George Faux Sherpa Gray Hoodie currently selling for $19.96 at Walmart. I paid $5.99.

One of our cats claimed this hoodie right away.

Overall, I am very happy with everything I bought during this Thrift Store Excursion. While I spent more money than I would like to in a single trip, the quality and quantity of items I obtained were worth way more than the $210 I paid. Even though I don’t plan to visit another secondhand store any time soon, I am looking forward to my next trip.

In some upcoming posts on this site, I will highlight the items I purchased during this shopping spree as I build outfits around them and incorporate them into my wardrobe. I do not plan to post my outfit every single day (like I did during my October Halloween Outfit Project), but I hope you’ll stick along for the ride to see my sporadic updates until the next project hits.


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