Stiletto Nails

I originally purchased these stiletto nails for my October 2021 project. I was going to use them for a couple of characters.

A pale hand outstretched with palm down on top of buffalo plaid leggings. On the nails are white acrylic stiletto nails.
The white stiletto nails without polish on them.

However, by the time those characters rolled around, I ultimately did not use these nails at all for my Halloween Movie Outfits Project.

A pale hand outstretched palm down on buffalo plaid leggings where the stiletto nails on the tips have been painted in a color changing polish that moves from purple to greenish silver.
The stiletto nails painted in a color changing polish that moves from purple to greenish silver.

Once I recouped my energy from creating a different character’s outfit, photoshoot, and blog post every day in October, I still wanted to try out these nails.

A pale hand with fingers closed and folded towards the wrist. On the nails are stiletto acrylics painted in a color changing polish where the metallic purple color is showing.
The color changing polish looks metallic purple in this shot.

Some years back, I sold my entire nail collection (to a mom who bought it for her daughter & her friends to use at sleepovers 💕), and I have slowly but surely rebuilt my collection with solely Zoya polishes.

A pale person with long light blue hair holding their pale hand in front of their face with their fingers outstretched and palm towards their face. On the tips of the hand are stiletto acrylic nails painted in a color changing polish that shows as metallic purple in this photo.
I hadn’t yet cleaned up the polish around my nails, but here is another shot of my outstretched hand and the color changing polish on my stiletto nails shows as metallic purple.

I do not have any affiliation with Zoya, but their brand was both within my budget and Big 10 Free. The color I chose to put on my stiletto nails is called Ki, and is described as “a complex multichromatic oil-slick shade combining silver, purple, blue and green in a shimmery metallic finish.”

A pale person with long light blue hair wearing a grey sweatshirt that says FEMNIST on it, leopard legging, and black and gray fuzzy socks. They are holding their hands outstretched in front of them with palms facing their belly to show off their stilleto nails painted in Ki from Zoya.
Just a full body shot to showcase how long these stiletto nails are.

While it was fun to have stiletto nails on, the transition from my fairly short, broken off nails (due to manual labor) to these long stiletto nails took some adjustment. Ultimately, I ended up cutting off the tips and filing them down to be more functional.

A pale hand closed with the fingers pointed towards the wrist. The previously stiletto acrylic nails have been cut and filed down to square tips, but they still have on the Ki color from Zoya.
The square tips aren’t as cute, but when I had these on I needed more function rather than style. This image is of my hand after I cut and filed the nails down to square tips in the same Ki color from Zoya. Here it looks more silver than purple.

In the future, I plan to wear the stiletto nails again at full length, but knowing I have the option to cut and file them to change the shape is helpful too!

A pale hand outstretched with the palm down. The nails on the tips were previously stiletto shaped but have been cut and filed to be square edged. The polish on them is called Ki from the brand Zoya. It is a color changing metallic that shifts from purple to green to silver.
This is a different angle of the square tipped nails in Ki polish that shows the length a bit better.

It was difficult to truly capture the beauty of this Ki colored polish from Zoya, so I have included a video below.

This video tries to showcase how the polish color changes in the light.

Currently, Zoya is doing a Nail Polish Exchange for Earth Month.

*Again, I have no affiliation with Zoya. This is not an ad. I just really love their polishes, and I want to share with other people as well.*

Here are the details from Zoya.

Do you have old, dusty (not so environmentally friendly) unwanted, bottles of nail polish? Trade them in for brand new Zoya colors, the world’s first toxic-free, longest wearing natural nail polish and let us properly dispose and recycle your old stuff! We’ll even give you a $5 credit for every bottle you purchase of a new Zoya Nail Polish (0.5oz Polish) towards. And (wait for it) Shipping is on us in the continental USA. See for all details. Tell a Friend!

All Zoya Polishes adhere to our Big 10-Free Philosophy and produced, filled and distributed daily from our facility in Bedford, Ohio. Vegan friendly, cruelty free and environmentally sound. Made using plant based materials. Did you know our facility is built on reclaimed and environmentally restored land?


The Zoya Team

Did You Know ZOYA is a company of firsts?

▪️The first BIG 3, BIG 5 and Big 10 Free Formulas Free of harmful toxins
▪️ Utilizing Bio-Degradable Corn Starch Packaging Materials
▪️ Repurposes all packaging
▪️ Printed material made on repurposed paper using the most environmentally friendly ink
▪️ The Entire facility is built on environmentally reclaimed land
▪️ Our Facility is lit 20% from natural light with an aim of being 20% solar powered by 2025
▪️ Zoya created the Annual Earth Month recycling exchange

A bottle of Zoya nail polish covered in green with recycling doodles imposed over it. Text reads Zoya Earth Month Nail Polish Exchange Use Code GREEN22
Offer Ends Saturday 4/30/2022 11:59 ET
Please view full details and instructions.
Zoya Earth Month Nail Polish Exchange Use Code GREEN22
Offer Ends Saturday 4/30/2022 11:59 ET
Please view full details and instructions.


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