Robert Pattinson Tracksuit Vibes

I wore this outfit to go for a walk near the Mississippi River with my sibling and my cousin. It was a 60-70 degree day in November of 2021 that dropped a lot of degrees when the sun went down, and I walked 7501 steps per my cell. My sibling told me this outfit reminded them of that photo of Robert Pattinson in a tracksuit. I had never seen it before (and it was probably supposed to be intended as an insult), but Robert Pattinson is objectively beautiful and tracksuits are comfy af so… šŸ¤·šŸ¼

Outfit specifics:

Vintage 90s Everlast Velour Zip Tracksuit with Satin Lining that I scored on ebay.

(not pictured) Hug Life Tee was a Xmas gift from a coworker/friend.

Unbranded Imitation Ugg Boots I inherited secondhand from a friend.

Unbranded Fleece-lined Hat was a Xmas gift from family.


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