Bucket Hat & Heart-shaped Leopard Print Sunglasses

Still going through old pictures from outfits of the day from November 2021. I’ve had these jeans for over a decade, and this sweater is also an old favorite.

A pale person with shoulder length faded blue hair wearing a gray bucket hat, white NIN tee, grey button up cardigan, jeans with a hole in one knee, and grey Toms.

Outfit specifics:

Gray Cotton Bucket Hat that I don’t remember where I obtained it.

Heart-shaped Leopard Print Sunglasses I usually only pay around $5-$10 on sunglasses, so I don’t get upset if I lose them or scratch them.

Allen B. by Allen Swartz Gray cardigan with white stripes detailing that I think my mom bought for me at JCPenney many, many years ago.

Nine Inch Nails Inside Out Logo Tee

Nine West Jeans with rip in knee that I created just through wear & tear.

Secondhand Gray Toms Alpargata Shoes purchased many years ago for $10 on Facebook Marketplace.


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