Attention V Neck

The top in this outfit was previously seen in the Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing post. The nails are the trimmed down version of the stiletto nails previously posted as well. #RecycledFashion

A pale person with hair pulled back in a tight ballerina bun. They are wearing a black v-neck sweater, geometric print skirt, over the knee thick socks, and slouchy black boots.

Outfit specifics:

Black Attention V-neck Sweater thrifted in my latest Thrift Store haul.

Geometric patterned skirt that I wore when I dressed as Nancy Downs from The Craft. I believe I acquired this from a clothing swap. #ThanksItHasPockets

Over-the-knee knit socks that were a gift from my mother along with many other pairs in different colors. #SockSaleLife

Sofft Valencia Flat Black Leather Slouchy & Studded Moto Boot that my ex bought for me on a trip to Nordstrom Rack where he bought me three pairs of shoes which was uncharacteristic and lends to my theory that he was already planning to break up with me at that point. #GuiltIsAHelluvaDrug #IDontCareTheReasonFeelFreeToBuyMeShoes


Three simple silver hoop earrings in each ear that I’ve had since high school.

Wish bracelets that I made myself and wore for months and months, but ultimately took off prior to them falling off organically.

A black stone circle pendant necklace with silver beads on thick braided leather circlet with silver end caps that I acquired secondhand.


Pulled back tightly into a ballerina style bun.




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