Merona Black Dress

Halloween was over by the time I wore this outfit, but that didn’t stop me. I might whittle my entire wardrobe down to solely witchy outfits. #365WitchVibes

A pale person with faded blue shoulder-length hair wearing a long sleeve black dress, orange and black striped tights, a golden pendant on a long chain, and black booties with silver studs.

Outfit specifics:

Long (convertible) sleeve, button-up, black Merona dress as seen in the Thrift Store Score #1: Clothing post.

Orange and black striped tights that I’ve owned for 20+ years.

Black moto biker boots with silver studs from Forever 21 that I purchased years and years ago when my sibling worked there.


A circle rhinestone pendant on a long chain necklace with small silver hoop earrings.


Down and parted to the side




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