DIY: Jewelry

This week’s blog post is a roundup of all the jewelry I’ve DIYed from the past two October Outfits projects.

In full disclosure, I used to make a lot of (and sell a little) jewelry. I still have a ton of supplies, and I hope to incorporate it back into my life sooner rather than later.

Lieutenant Starck from Event Horizon

A person dressed up as Lieutenant Starck from Event Horizon. The emphasis is on the ball chain necklace with vertical rectangular charm meant to look like dog tags.
Added a backward Bee Mine charm to a ball chain necklace to stand in for dog tags.

Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body

A person dressed up as Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body. The emphasis is on the silver chain necklace with silver heart charm.
This necklace I made previously. It used to have my cat Puck’s tag attached to it too.

Allison from Hocus Pocus

A person dressed up as Allison from Hocus Pocus. The emphasis is on the pearl drop earrings and pearl necklace with round silver locket attached.
I added a locket to a pre-existing pearl necklace and altered clip-on pearl earrings to have pierced ear hooks.

Carrie White from Carrie

A flat lay of four items on a blanket. From top left clockwise: large pink flower bracelet, thick pink ribbon curled up into a circle, a pink feather with spotted smaller feather on top combined as part of an earring without the ear hook, and a pearly white flower brooch.
Combined part of a feather earring with a flower brooch to stand in for a corsage pinned to the dress.

Little Rock from Zombieland: Double Tap

A person dressed up as Little Rock from Zombieland: Double Tap. The emphasis is on the earrings which are simple silver skull and crossbones charms on silver fish hook style earing findings.
Skull + Crossbones Charm Earrings

Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps

A person dressed as Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps. The emphasis is on the necklace which is a brass bird skull pendant with a few faux bone beads on a black leather cord.
Brass Bird Skull Necklace with Faux Bone Beads on Leather Cord.

Dracula’s Bride from Bram Stoker’s Dracula

A four photo collage. The images from top left clockwise: Multiple strands of pearls attached to each other with a rhinestone flower brooch, and a folded up bit of silver mesh lace. A closeup of the back of the brooch with the two other items nearby. The silver mesh lace connected with bobby pins after being wrapped around a wig. The beehive wig on a mannequin head with the other items spread out on a bedspread.
The headpiece is made from a brooch, pearl necklace strands, and metal mesh lace.

Helen Lyle from Candyman

A person dressed up as Helen Lyle from Candyman. The emphasis is on the bumblebee earrings.
Earrings previously made from Good Luck Minis Bumble Bees and some shell beads.

Stokely Mitchell from The Faculty

A thick section of silver chain turned into a necklace with a silver carabiner.
Chain and Carabiner Combo Necklace

Karen Smith from Mean Girls

A person dressed up as Karen Smith from Mean Girls. The emphasis is on a pair of long black leather earrings with aqua wire wrapped around them.
The longest earrings I currently own I made from leather scraps and wire.

Gillian Owens from Practical Magic

A closeup of a antiqued bronze chain necklace with a tiger's eye bead as the pendant and a pair of earrings with tiger's eye beads and amber colored beads hanging off the necklace.
Instead of shelling out for a Tiger’s Eye and Quartz necklace, I just made myself an entire necklace + earrings set.

Angela Dodson from Constantine

A person dressed up as Angela Dodson from Constantine. The emphasis is on the silver chain with a small silver coin charm and a silver cross charm added on it.
A little silver coin charm and a silver cross charm put together on a silver chain.

Some of these were created prior to any of my movie character costume ideas. Others were made specifically for the October Outfits. Three-quarters of them are still in my personal collection currently.

A collage of a pale person dressed up as a variety of movie characters showing the DIY jewelry pieces. The top tow Left to Right: Karen Smith, Lieutenant Starck, Gillian Owens, and Allison. The bottom row Left to Right: Ginger Fitzgerald, Angela Dodson, Little Rock, and Jennifer Check. There is a watermark that says @ThriftySubversion in the middle of the collage.

Catch me back here next week for another post.

In the meantime, check out my Make This Jewelry board on Pinterest.


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