DIY: Crafts

This week’s blog post is a roundup of all the crafts I’ve DIYed from the past two October Outfits projects.

I am obsessed with upcycling as I’ve spent my entire life trying to create something better from what I’ve got.

Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project

A flat lay of four handmade stick figures like the ones from the movie The Blair Witch Project.
Created some stick figures from branches in my yard and hemp or kitchen twine.

Carrie White from Carrie

A side-by-side comparison of Carrie White from the movie Carrie in her prom outfit holding a bouquet of flowers next to a person dressed up like her with a bundle of white snakeroot in place of flowers.
Dried White Snakeroot and a pink ribbon became my prom bouquet.

Gretchen Wieners, Cady Heron, and Regina George from Mean Girls

A closeup of a pink photo album altered to look like the Burn Book from the movie Mean Girls.
A pink photo album I have owned for decades with the Burn Book font letters and lips taped to the front.

Grace Stewart from The Others

A closeup of keys and key charms connected to a silver bangle bracelet to look like the keyring from the movie The Others.
Some keys and key charms on a bangle bracelet are a keyring.

Sally Owens & Gillian Owens from Practical Magic

A closeup of a white envelope sealed with a bee-shaped stamp on golden wax.
A random note inside an envelope with a bee-shaped golden wax stamp to close the letter.

The GraveRobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera

A small glass vial with black cap filled with blue liquid to look like a vial of Zydrate from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Blue curacao inside a vial that previously held medicine for my cat to be a vial of Zydrate.

Stokely Mitchell from The Faculty

A closeup of a blue ballpoint pen with the inside part of the pen removed and replaced with baking powder to look like a dose of the drug Scat from the movie The Faculty.
A blue pen with actual pen insides removed and replaced with baking powder to be a dose of a drug called scat.

The Other Mother from Coraline

Two large black buttons shown front and back. On the back, there is tape folded over to use to adhere them over someone's closed eyelids to look like The Other Mother from Coraline.
Buttons from my sewing stash with some tape to adhere temporarily to my eyes for the photo shoot.

A small pair of black buttons taped into a square white jewelry box with cotton pad to stand in for the button eyes offered to Coraline Jones in the movie Coraline.
Smaller buttons from my sewing stash are taped into a jewelry box to be the ones that The Other Mother offers Coraline.

The Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas

A flat lay of items used to create an orange paper ribbon that says MAYOR on it for the character The Mayor from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
The items used to create the Mayor ribbon.


A two photo collage of a tiki torch, brown packing paper, tennis ball, and brown yarn in a flat lay and then those items combined to create Maleficent's staff as a person dressed up as that character holds it.
Whipped together this staff from a tiki torch, tennis ball, yarn, and some packing paper.

Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas from Promising Young Woman

A side-by-side comparison of Cassie's tally journal from the movie Promising Young Woman and a recreation in a two photo collage with the words Promising Young Woman and Cassie on the edges with pink lips in a pattern on a white background.
Created some pages from Cassie’s journal in one of my own with blue, black, and red pens to make the tally marks.

All of these crafts were created specifically for my October Outfits projects. Although, some of these props are just items that already existed altered to fit my purposes. Most of them I pulled together last minute because that’s just how it always ends up. 😇

A twelve photo collage of items that were DIYed for cosplay projects. Top row Left to Right: Orange paper Mayor ribbon, a journal filled with tally marks, a vial filled with blue liquid, white snakeroot hung upside down to dry. Middle row Left to Right: Burn Book, four stick people figures made from branches, a pair of small black buttons inside a white jewelry box, the top of Maleficent's staff made from a tiki torch, tennis ball, and yarn. Bottom row Left to Right: A wax stamped letter, a keyring, a pair of large black buttons shown front and back with the back showing tape on them, a closeup of a blue pen with the inside pen parts removed and replaced with baking powder.

Catch me back here next week for another post.

In the meantime, check out my Make This Craft board on Pinterest.


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