DIY: Clothing

This week’s blog post is a roundup of all the clothing I’ve DIYed from the past two October Outfits projects.

To be honest, I’ve been intentionally avoiding major sewing projects as much as possible because I don’t always have the patience for them. I have some ideas for future pieces though!

Lieutenant Starck from Event Horizon

A closeup of an army green jumpsuit with a couple military looking patches handstitched on it.
Handsewed patches on the jumpsuit.

May Dove Canady from May

A closeup of a black shirt that has been pinned with patches made of red felt and black lace safety pinned on it.
Red felt and black lace to create the patches on May’s shirt. They were hand-sewn on the shirt after this picture.

Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A piece of white lace folded up and safety pinned together to look like a headpiece for a maid.
Pinned together some white lace for the maid’s headpiece. If it wasn’t just for a photoshoot, I would have sewn it instead.

Regina George from Mean Girls

A side-by-side comparison of a person dressed as Regina George from Mean Girls next to the movie character. Both are wearing a white tank top with holes cut out to reveal a bright purple bra underneath.
I cut a couple of holes into this white tank top.

Baby Firefly from The Devil’s Rejects

Janice Ian from Mean Girls

All of these pieces were created for my October Outfits projects. The patches have already been removed from the jumpsuit. The white lace has been unpinned. I have yet to alter May’s shirt, but I haven’t worn it again either. The Rubbish shirt will be put up for sale. Baby Firefly’s jeans are going into regular rotation though!

A collage of six images. Five of them are side-by-side comparisons of a person dressing up like a movie character. Those are (from bottom up and to the right clockwise) Baby Firefly from The Devil's Rejects, Lieutenant Starck from Event Horizon, May Dove Canady from May, Janis Ian from Means Girls, and Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The final image is the current logo for Thrifty Subversion.

Catch me back here next week for another post.

In the meantime, check out my Make This Clothing board on Pinterest.


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