The Wig Wall

It started when I bought 5 wigs for my first October Outfits project in 2021…

A shoe rack filled with shoes with 5 wigs on the top rack.
This wall is completely different in my bedroom now.

As my collection grew, my storage/display needs did too. The two-pack “hat rack” that I started with worked out so well that I kept repurchasing it anytime I needed to add another row.

A wall of hat racks with a variety of wigs in various colors an lengths are hanging from the hat racks.
The uneven spacing was really getting to me.

Since I didn’t plan for it to take up the entire wall when I started, the spacing started getting off. When I tried to move the rows, I learned the hard way that the adhesive rips off paint.

A bedroom wall painted bluish gray with ten spots missing paint.
We built this wall from the studs up, so as annoying as this was, I know I can always change it as needed later.

I realized I could fit 5 of the two-packs on my wall, but I knew the uneven spacing would bother me. Ultimately, I decided to take them all down and planned a way to cover the unsightly spots.

Approximately 25 wigs in various colors and lengths hanging out on a table in neat rows.
My sibling came over while all these wigs were on the table in my front room, and they apparently sent a pic to their friend about it. lol

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the basement.

Then, I measured the wall to determine how long it needed to be.

My partner cut the end of my wood piece off for me, and he helped me hold up the board to ensure it would be tall enough to cover the spots on the wall while also overlapping the stud to secure it.

Then, I did some math to figure out where the squares with the top hooks would need to be on the board to be spaced out evenly.

After measuring and marking the board (first in pen, then in Sharpie), I had a meltdown when I was off at the end.

Again, my spouse stepped up and remeasured and remarked the wood. Apparently, my measurements were ok but my lines were drawn slanted. (I’ve never been good at being straight. 😜)

Then, I visually centered the squares with the hooks where they needed to go only to realize that none of the nails we had in the house would work as they were all too long.

Once I got some new nails, I used them to place the squares with the hooks onto the wood.

A black cat curled up in a nest of wigs in various colors and lengths.
I’m ashamed that I have no pics of the above steps, so here is one of my cats who got so annoyed with the wigs covering the table for days that he made a little napping nest in them.

After that, I grabbed some random paint from my basement because I didn’t have any more of the color that matches my bedroom wall and painted a bunch of coats over everything to try to ensure all the pen and Sharpie marks were covered.

A long board with hooks for hat racks that are evenly spaced along it. It has been painted a terra cotta color.
I have no idea why I have a little sample of this terra cotta color as nothing in my house is this color.

When everything was dry, my partner helped me pre-drill holes into the wood and then ensure it was level while we screwed it into the stud in the wall.

A long wooden board with hooks for hat racks that has been painted terra cotta color and hung on a bluish gray bedroom wall.
Please ignore the messy TV stand area. It is on my To-Do list. 😇

The next step was to hang all the “hat rack” pieces.

A long wooden board with hooks for hat racks that has been painted terra cotta color and hung on a bluish gray bedroom wall. Ten black hat racks have been hung from the hooks.
From the images caught on the TV, we must’ve done this on May the Fourth.

At this stage, I was feeling so confident in my decision to tackle this project because of how pleasing it was to see them all lined up nicely.

A pale white man with a bald head throwing up the horns on each hand as he lies on a bed next to a pile of wigs in various sizes and colors.
I feel very fortunate to have a partner to help with my projects.

Once I got all my wigs up, I was happy to see that I still had some empty spaces.

A long wooden board with hooks for hat racks that has been painted terra cotta color and hung on a bluish gray bedroom wall. Of the ten black hat racks that have been hung, almost all of them have been filled with wigs.
I decided to put the black and dark ones behind the TV because the colorful ones are more fun to see.

My current plan is to store all the super short ones in a hat box together, so by my calculations, I should have around 15 more slots for other wigs.

If you’d like to enable my habit help me achieve my goals, here’s my current wish list. 😘

A multi-photo collage of a pale person dressed up as different horror movie characters.
A smattering of the characters I’ve created with some of my wigs.

Catch me back here next week for another post.

In the meantime, check out my Hair Styles board on Pinterest.


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