Thirteen Ghosts: Kathy Kriticos

If you don’t want to buy anything new and you’re not up for altering your current items, today’s outfit might be more your style. I’m having a low energy day, so I’m showcasing a low budget, low effort look. I might have even worn these items together as just an average everyday ensemble. It is very low key. I’m talking about dressing as Kathy Kriticos from Thirteen Ghosts (sometimes stylized as Thir13en Ghosts or 13 Ghosts).

Thirteen Ghosts: Kathy Kriticos Outfit

For this look, you’ll need a red tank top, gray hoodie, and blue jeans. Bonus points if you wear a black bra. I’m recreating the style of Shannon Elizabeth’s portrayal of Kathy Kriticos that came out in 2001. If you’re listening to fashion influencers, the y2k aesthetic is apparently making a comeback. I’m more into the 1990s style myself, and I’ll take almost any opportunity to wear my docs. These shoes were a gift from my spouse. I have no idea where I acquired the red tank or gray hoodie, but these particular jeans are Old Navy from a long time ago.

My hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a black scrunchy fabric hair tie that I got secondhand from my grandmother, and I pulled some wispies out in front.

Me trying not to tear up from looking directly into the ring light at full brightness.

For makeup, I got kinda heavy handed with a “cosmic” brown glimmerstick, brown/black mega effects mascara, and lip glow called Rose Quartz, all from Avon. I don’t usually wear my eyeliner on this part of my eye; I’m an inner lid eyeliner person. I also put on a little Hot Mama shadow/blush to make my cheeks look like I’ve been running from ghosts all day. I don’t usually wear blush because I have rosacea and get rosy enough.

For accessories, I just have a pair of my eye protection glasses substituting as spectral viewers.

Irl I have hella frangrance sensitivities.

For my prop, I chose a bottle of perfume. Sure, you might have to explain to people that you are, in fact, wearing a costume, but once you tell them who you are or put on your spectral viewers, if they’re a true Thirteen Ghosts fan, they should appreciate it.

Me to anyone trying to tell me this doesn’t count as a Halloween costume: I left my house AND put on clothes. This is effort.

Look at this house!
The previous owners left so much cool stuff. #inheritance
Oh no, the ghosts are starting to slice my shirt open. They’ve exposed my party tit.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out the Thirteen Ghosts: Kathy Kriticos Vibes board on Pinterest.

The Purge

Sometimes you just want to wear a mask. This might be the only outfit I’m currently planning to share that requires a mask to really pull off.

Now this look was inspired by a few different characters within The Purge universe, and it isn’t a recreation of one specific person. As such, I’ve left the name portion of the title empty. However, one similar character is sometimes referred to as Candy Girl. (aka Schoolgirl #1, Freakbride, Kimmy.)

Between The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, The Purge: Election Year, and The First Purge, I think my favorite one is the The Purge: Election Year.

In The Purge: Election Year, Candy Girl wears a white corset with a white tutu/tulle skirt, both covered in blood splatter. Her hair is up in two buns with a white mask that says KISS ME in red letters on the forehead. Black knee-high boots and a bedazzled automatic weapon round out her outfit.

The Purge Outfit

This outfit is a dress I had my eye on for awhile and finally purchased during a clearance sale at Hot Topic. However, you could truly wear anything, especially if you’re willing to sprinkle it with fake blood spots. These boots were purchased by my ex in a shopping spree where he bought me three pair of boots shortly before breaking up with me. I think it was at Nordstrom Rack.

If I was really going out to purge, I’d at least do my nails.

The mask came as a two pack (so my partner could have one too). I like this mask style better than a lot of the other masks in The Purge Movies. It is seen on the Lady Liberty character, but you can honestly use any mask at all to be a person in The Purge universe.

Showing my buns.

My hair was put up into what I’ve always called devil buns. The scrunchy hair ties are from Target. I didn’t bother with any makeup at all since the mask covers my entire face. For accessories, I chose a black net choker and a silver necklace with a bff charm and cherry charm that came from a person who was once my bff but now is just someone I used to know. Also pictured, the bracelets I’ve been wearing for months. All but one created by Layla’s Elaborations.

My machete

I wasn’t going to go to the effort of bedazzling a gun. I don’t have the energy to deal with all those rhinestones. But if you do, more power to you! Across the various Purge movies there are a bunch of different weapons used. If The Purge happened tomorrow, what do you have lying around your house that you might use to defend yourself? Just grab that for your prop.

All you really need to go as a character from The Purge is a mask, some blood-spattered clothing, and a weapon. But truly you could pull it off without the blood spatter too, especially if you go with a crew in matching outfits.

Day 4 of teaching myself to edit photos.
I think it is going pretty well.
What do you think?

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea.

In the meantime, check out The Purge Vibes board on Pinterest.

Midsommar: Dani Ardor Vibes

Now in our house we love this movie. My spouse actually (jokingly) threatened to call the divorce lawyer if I rewatched it without him. However, if you read the reviews on imdb (This is not a recommendation.) it would seem as though a lot of people hated it. Personally, I think it helps if you go into the film knowing next to nothing about it beforehand, but I think almost every movie is probably a better viewing experience when you go into it without any expectations.

If you have not seen Midsommar but you’re into horror movies or cinematography, stop what you’re doing, and go watch it IMMEDIATELY before reading any further.



Today’s outfit is Dani Ardor’s transformation at the end of the movie, so the entire post is a spoiler. Now this could be the kind of costume that you work on all year and come up with something really awesome and creative. I’ve seen a lot of great diy renditions on the internet. I’m a spoonie, so while I could parse out some spoons to create something beautiful to wear for this outfit, I’d rather save my spoons for the other 30 outfits I plan to showcase.

Midsommar: Dani Ardor/May Queen Outfit

There are a bunch of very comfy and casual outfits that Dani wears at the beginning of the movie. I could’ve maybe used one of my black hoodies to recreate one, but I already have that out to use for a different movie character. Plus, who doesn’t want to have an excuse to wear a flower crown? This rendition of Dani as the May Queen consists of a long shirt/short dress that I got via a clothing swap, a skirt I inherited secondhand, and a pair of Toms I bought (years ago) for $10 in a local selling group online.

Closeup of my blue braids.

My hair is barely long enough in braids to reach all the way to the other side and stack like this. It took two tries, two hair elastics, and two bobby pins to get it to finally stay. If you’ve got different hair and more energy, feel free to do a more detailed braid hairdo. If you’re adding a flower crown to your look though, don’t waste too much time on worrying about your hair. In all the other pics I’m posting here, you can’t even see my braids.

I was trying for that smile at the very end here. #BetterLuckNextTime

For makeup, I put on a lip glow from Avon called Ambiance. One of my grandmothers has been an Avon lady my entire life. She sends money ($5-$20 in a card) for birthdays or holidays, and I usually turn it back around in the form of an Avon order from her. Otherwise, I didn’t use any makeup, just brushed my eyebrows.

Tfw you finally feel held.

For accessories, I wore a flower crown I got from Shop Morales via etsy. While the flowers on the one I bought don’t mimic Dani’s, I choose this one because I have other plans for it. #ReduceReuseRepurposeRewear

Beyond deciding between one of Dani’s casual (read as comfy) daytime outfits or some of the pageantry she dons once she starts participating in the festivities, there are many different variations you can choose if you decide on one of the dresses. There is a transformation from the basic traditional white dress with embroidery to her outfit being enveloped completely and melding with all the flowers. The flower crown also shifts from a predominately white & yellow flowered piece to a basket shape to a spiked extravaganza. What I’m saying is, you’ve got options! You can put as little or as much as you want into recreating an outfit to be Dani Ardor. Plus, frowning, crying, and screaming are all acceptable emotions to exude when you’re done up as her. (Might just wear this every day going forward.)

BONUS CONTENT: If you have a partner who happens to have an old Ted costume (or any kind of Bear), see if they’re willing to wear it for a couple’s costume.

Fuck you Thunder! We worship the sun around here. #WhenWorldsCollide
My partner to me: I made my eyes real big, so it looked like I was drugged.

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got!” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea!

In the meantime, check out the Midsommar: Dani Ardor Vibes board on Pinterest.

Raw: Justine

I wasn’t sure how to format all 31 posts of the outfits I plan to do this October, especially without having all of them completed ahead of time. I know that I want ZERO spoilers anywhere. I’m the kind of person where if I watch a trailer and they show anything that ends up spoiling the plot, I am upset. Also, if they show stuff that doesn’t end up in the final cut, wtf? Even if I don’t plan to watch the movie anytime soon, sometimes a scene from a preview will ultimately spoil a movie for me. My brain is always looking for patterns, and I’m an English graduate. I see your bullshit narrative everywhere.

I am going to do my best to not spoil any movies for everyone. Sometimes though, talking about the category or some small detail will ultimately ruin it for someone. I am truly sorry if that happens, It was never my intent.

I’m starting out with a very easy outfit from a film that not a lot of people have watched. It is in French, but even if you are the kinda person who refuses to watch subtitled movies, you should make an exception for this film.

I’ve probably only watched this movie a handful of times, but it holds up. I think about it probably more than I should, especially since my partner and I gave up eating meat around January/February 2020. We have occasionally dabbled in the taboo, but overall we’re holding out with not much issue. We haven’t gone full-fledged vegan because of all my other dietary issues, but per my last checkup cutting meat out of my diet has not done anything detrimental thus far.

Irl, I’m definitely more of an Alexia, being an older sister and all, but my complexion is naturally more of a Justine. That’s where I landed in this project.

This Halloween costume/cosplay outfit is about as low key as it gets. All you really need to make it work is a white lab coat. I picked up this “vintage” one via ebay for less than $10. (Not even $20 with shipping.) Because I’m trying to get the most wears out of it, I’m going to keep it white for as long as possible. However, you can still pull off the Justine look with a discolored lab coat too. In the movie, her lab coat goes through various transformations and definitely doesn’t stay white. If you’ve got one from a previous year that is covered in blood, it would be perfect as well.

Raw: Justine Outfit

While there are a variety of costume choices to be Justine, I’m all about using what I’ve already got. (Real low budget vibes.) I went with a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and a lab coat. In most of the scenes, you don’t even see her shoes, so I just picked a random pair and wore the socks I already had on.

A shot of my messy bun.

Even though the majority of my hair is currently blue, I just ignored that and threw it up into a bun. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve washed your hair. Your character is going through some shit and doesn’t have time or energy to spare on hygiene like hair washing. The more loose strands you have the better.

Glistening with sweat from running back & forth between the camera and the green screen.

For makeup, I did swipe on a little color to my lips as my natural ones are pale af. Other than that though, I didn’t do anything besides brush up my eyebrows. If you’re feeling frisky, maybe do a layer or two of mascara. And if you’re not lucky enough to already have bags under your eyes (s/o to my genetics!) you could add a lil something to your undereye.

For accessories, I put two small gold hoop earrings in my right ear and gave myself a nosebleed with some fake blood from a tube.

The angle and pose might not be exact, but I think the vibe is still there.

I only started editing photos a hot minute ago, so please ignore the bits of green peeking through. I am confident as this project continues my gimp skills will improve. (Hit me up with some tips if you’ve got ’em!)

Catch me back here tomorrow for another “work with what you’ve got” Halloween costume, cosplay outfit idea!

In the meantime, check out the Raw: Justine Vibes board on Pinterest.

Halloween Movie Outfits

My partner and I have two anniversaries. The first is 11/13/12 when we had “The Talk” and officially became a couple. The second is 07/03/18, the day we eloped. Because our first anniversary is on the 13th of November, sometimes it falls on Friday the 13th. As such, we have started a tradition that whenever there is a Friday the 13th we try to take the day off work and spent it watching horror movies together.

I know that not everyone can get down with the horror genre. I have a lot of triggers myself, and sometimes people are surprised that I love horror so much. I said I wasn’t gonna list out all my triggers because I don’t want them inadvertently used against me in the future. (Here’s looking at you, my NSA detail. 😘) However, you might end up learning some of them as we go along.

After I decided that I wanted to wear clothes again, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the Halloween costumes I’ve wanted to wear and characters I’ve wanted to be. Because I am a person with multiple diagnoses that qualify for disabilities, I often don’t end up doing the things that I wish to do deep down. Almost every year that includes dressing up for Halloween.

I made a list of all the movies that have made an impact on me that I try to rewatch every October. Not all of them are horror movies. They’re not all even remotely scary. Some are just seasonal films that I might watch after I watched a scary movie so my brain could have something nice to think about as a buffer before I went to sleep.

My list turned into a spreadsheet. (surprise! surprise!) My spreadsheet turned into my next project where I decided I would go through my closet and my belongings and see if I could create a different movie character for each day of the month of October. While my original list and my current spreadsheet vary from one another, I think I’ve come up with 31+ different movie characters to showcase this October.

While I tried to only use what I already had on hand, I did buy a few things to ensure I had enough to work with. I do not currently have any sponsors and no one has paid me to link to anything that I am using. (If that ever happens in the future, I will clearly label it.) I know that cosplay and Halloween and fashion can be a very elitist thing with people who have the most money having the best outfits. Tim Gunn always says to “Make it work!” and I wholeheartedly believe in working with what you’ve got as I aspire to upcycle everything into something better. But I know that sometimes living within the constraints of capitalism and the kyriarchy you’ve got to spend money in places that don’t align with your values.

I’d like to say this is a judgment free zone, but I judge the fuck outta myself on the daily, so that is not the case. I aspire to live a zero waste life in a cyclical economy that is ruled by what is best for the greater good putting the planet and Indigenous people’s traditions and values at the forefront of all. Unfortunately, this isn’t the status quo currently.

While that is still an aspiration and something to continually remember, unfortunately I’m bound to stray from my ideologies. When that happens, I’m gonna try to realign, and as the laypeople say, get my shit together. I have to continually remind myself that I am only human and will no doubt fuck up.

In the meantime, in between time, I plan to post some outfits that will hopefully inspire people to dress for themselves again…to wear what not only feels comfortable but also what they feel good in. I’m just gonna share what I’ve done and how I’m navigating life. Hopefully, it will help someone (even just one person) and if not, it kept me alive and focused for one more day. I am open to feedback, if you are not a dick about it. If you’re just here to hate though, please keep it moving. I do enough of that on my own, thanks.

If anyone needs credit for anything I’ve posted, please DM me.

Why Don’t You Start a Fashion Blog?

After I participated in #ColorWeek2021, I was feeling inspired. My brain was coming up with more ideas for outfits and photos. My medium has historically been with the written word more than anything, but lately there has been a lull in that stream. When I was video-chatting with my friend, I gave them a tour of how I had recently organized my bedroom (including different zones for my accessories, shoes, and the in-progress rack of outfits to photograph) when they asked me, “Why don’t you start a fashion blog?”

Honestly, I don’t know if I had ever consciously thought about it before. In that moment though, I couldn’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t. I’m at a point in my life where I wear what I want whenever I want. (Oh, the joys of not having to report to anyone!) I’m not a particularly on-trend person but that’s mainly because it is hard for me not to see the newest fashions as just another way to separate you from your money.

Once you realize that trends are just made up by people who influence others (and overwhelming with the intent to sell a product) it becomes much easier to separate yourself from those fads that don’t truly excite you. Also, reviewing fashion history shows there are patterns to what is hot and what is not. And, if you wait long enough they’ll swap places! Spending time, energy, and not to mention money (!) on always trying to be on top of the latest and greatest is not sustainable.

I’m not here to try to talk people out of being fashionable or even to stop paying attention to the Establishment. As Sun Tzu said, “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be defeated.” I’m just taking this space to share things I’m wearing in the hopes it may inspire someone else. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the answer to how to make the fashion industry sustainable, but I’m willing to share the things I do to create these outfits without falling prey to emptying my bank account for a look.

~Thrifty Subversion

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